• Tam Hixson

  • Rosa Guerra-Sarabia

  • Michael Nuttall

    Michael Nuttall

  • Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley

    Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley

  • Lucas Hill

    Lucas Hill

    I think my experience has given me some real life experience in selflessness.

  • Sara Green-Thomsen

    Sara Green-Thomsen

    As a child, I was told repeatedly that one person could impact the world. This was a sentiment I had always wanted to believe but for reasons unknown could never comprehend until my sophomore of college.

  • Naomi Villalpando

    Naomi Villalpando

    In the beginning, I was having a difficult time with my purpose and feeling a bit insignificant. I kept rummaging through my brain for the answer as to what my purpose was.

  • Joe Alexander

    Joe Alexander

    What was special about our time in Myanmar was exposure to a Buddhist culture uninfluenced by western values, and a wonderful community built on respecting the dignity of students as “children of God” through an empowering education.

  • Guadalupe Unbound

    Guadalupe Unbound

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Professor Socorro Castañeda-Liles' Junior Scholar Research Lecture has been cancelled.

  • Why Do We Suffer? An Ignatian Day of Prayer and Reflection

    Why Do We Suffer? An Ignatian Day of Prayer and Reflection

    This day of reflection attends to the related perennial human question: “Why do we suffer?"

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