Libby Pettit

Santa Clara University’s Immersion Program puts our Jesuit education and faith into practice. In the program we are “immersed” into the local culture, meaning we are there to develop a perspective for their challenges in life. I was fortunate to be able to participate in immersion trips to Ecuador and Tucson.  During those trips, we spent many hours volunteering, interacting with the local community and sharing our experiences with our immersion group.  This exposure allowed us to relate to individuals from backgrounds profoundly different from our own and have an appreciation for the effect our actions and acceptance of others can have.  Not only has this program provided me with an amazing perspective on civic engagement, it also introduced me to a group of incredible friends that I am fortunate are now part of my Santa Clara family. I applied to be an immersion coordinator because I was inspired by how these trips allow Santa Clara University students to expand their perspective, and the difference we are capable of making globally and within our own communities.

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