Fellowship Profiles

  • Joe Alexander

    Joe Alexander

    Christian Brothers Center for English and Computers - Yangon, Myanmar

    What was special about our time in Myanmar was exposure to a Buddhist culture uninfluenced by western values, and a wonderful community built on respecting the dignity of students as “children of God” through an empowering education.

  • Naomi Villalpando

    Naomi Villalpando

    El Hospital Nacional de Ninos (via ISA-ELAP) San Jose, Costa Rica

    In the beginning, I was having a difficult time with my purpose and feeling a bit insignificant. I kept rummaging through my brain for the answer as to what my purpose was.

  • Sara Green-Thomsen

    Sara Green-Thomsen

    Our Family’s Coalition San Francisco, California

    As a child, I was told repeatedly that one person could impact the world. This was a sentiment I had always wanted to believe but for reasons unknown could never comprehend until my sophomore of college.

  • Lucas Hill

    Lucas Hill

    Baan Dada Children’s Home Huay Ma Lai, Thailand

    I think my experience has given me some real life experience in selflessness.

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