Spring 2015: Leadership and the Intellectual Life

Tradition, Innovation, and Transformation

The Jesuit, Catholic intellectual tradition has long been marked by rigorous and critical interdisciplinary engagement, dialogue, and a commitment to innovation and transformation. This quarter’s lecture series will examine the foundational and dynamic mission and means by which Jesuit, Catholic universities seek to form whole persons, engaged citizens, and accountable leaders.

  • Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business

    The Past and Future of Jesuit Higher Education

  • Guideposts and Forecasts

    Guideposts and Forecasts

    Shared Governance and Collaborative Leadership in Jesuit Universities

  • The Bottom Line of Contemplative Leadership

    The Bottom Line of Contemplative Leadership

    Exploring the Impact of Spiritual Engagement by Organizational Leaders in Higher Education, Business, and Healthcare

  • Citizens and Leaders

    Citizens and Leaders

    The Public Role of the Humanities

  • Leadership Crises in Silicon Valley

    Leadership Crises in Silicon Valley

    A Way Forward

  • Thriving Neighbors

    Thriving Neighbors

    University-Community Participatory Action Research as Transformative Praxis

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Explore Spring 2014


What Good is God?

In our current issue of the explore Journal, we continue the series of dialogue hosted through the 2014-2015 Bannan Institute engaging the question, What Good is God?