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Leading Organizational Excellence: By Avoiding the Top 10 Leadership Mistakes

Friday, Jan. 27, 2012

Jack Smalley

In order to reach new heights of organizational success, comprehensive leadership strategies must be an integral element of the organization's vision. Leadership is critical to the success of this vision becoming the organization's mission. This interactive session details the Top 10 leadership mistakes that can cause irreparable damage to leadership's credibility and integrity thus quickly derailing any career and the organization's strategic initiatives.

Through true life experiences, we will discuss the consequences of questionable leadership mistakes such as:

  • The failure to embrace diverse thinkers and mavericks. To effectively compete in today's market, organizational change must be constant. In order to achieve and maintain best practice organizational change, leadership must capture the people element by aligning behaviors to operational strategy. Leaders must destroy the box of traditional and limited visionaries by recognizing and motivating diverse thinkers and take measured and well calculated risk.
  • Too much talking and not enough walking. Some of today's leader's commitments contradict their actions. Leadership is measured by the values visible through the actions employees take, not their talk. Credibility, trust and integrity are the three most critical elements to leader's success and they cannot be compromised.
  • Failing at communication. Excellent communication skills are essential for leadership success. Leadership must remain visible and accessible especially during the current global turbulence and uncertain times. The best high performance work systems and comprehensive leadership strategies will fail without honest and thorough communications. The messenger is as critical as the message. To successfully lead through the maze of uncertainty leaders must have a clear and concise message to influence relevant stake holders in organizational change; performance management; rewards initiatives; employee development and talent management. Honest and direct communication from leaders possessing integrity will strengthen leaders' commitment to become valued and respected business partners.

Leadership is having the passion and ability to influence others to reach new heights. Critical decisions, impacting the organization, must be addressed. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made along the path that can damage the credibility of any leader resulting in failure of the organization's mission, vision, goals and strategies thus tarnishing its culture. By embracing proven behaviors and competencies outlined in this session and avoiding the Top 10 Leadership Mistakes, we are better prepared to lead the next generation of global talent to unlimited opportunities.

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