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Dining Services

What venues do you operate?

Faculty and Staff are welcome to eat at all of our locations, in addition, all venues offer food to go in compostable or recyclable containers. All faculty and staff are invited to enroll in the EcoToGo program (with a $10 refundable deposit) and get a reusable EcoTray that makes food to go convenient and sustainable.

What types of food do you serve?

Each of our retail venues has a different type of food offering.  You can see our daily menus for each venue online at

Do you cater?

Yes! We have a full service catering department with fabulous menus which can be viewed on our website. Whether it’s boxed lunches, a formal sit-down dinner, or anything in between, we will take care of all your needs. We will even customize the event to make it even more special. We also offer Express catering which can be picked up and does not incur a service charge.

Is there a service charge?

There is an 18% service charge for all delivered catering which helps us defray the labor costs of delivering, setting up and returning to clean up each event. All deliveries include high grade paper and plastic ware , china is available for a small additional cost.

Do you give tours?

We would be happy to show anyone the kitchens of any of our venues. Please contact the General Manager, Fabio Soto, at 554-7804.

How long has Bon Appetit been providing dining services at SCU?
Since the fall of 2000.
When can I choose catering by either Bon Appetit, Adobe or an outside vendor?

All catered events located in the Benson center must be catered by Bon Appetit. At any other location on campus catering may be done by either Bon Appetit or the Adobe Lodge. If the event is a closed meeting and a maximum of $50 will be spent on food, then you can purchase food from your place of choice.

Event Planning Office

How do I reserve a room on campus?

Go to the university homepage and log into AdAstra using your username and password. You can then view the scheduling calendar, check availability, and request to reserve campus space.

How early should I reserve a room?

A minimum of 72 hours is required; you may reserve a room up to one year in advance.

What rooms can I reserve through your office?

The Event Planning Office is no longer responsible for reserving rooms in the Benson Center (which includes two conference rooms, three parlors, the Williman Room, the California Mission Room, Shapell Lounge, the Bronco, and tabling). If you would like to reserve any rooms that are part of the Benson Center, please contact Leah Nakasaki-Perterson at (408) 554-4944.

The Event Planning Office is now part of the President’s Office staff. Our office will continue to provide the University with event planning leadership, advisory support, and services that advance University-wide event development and production management. In the new organization, the EPO staff will continue to manage Undergraduate and Graduate Commencements, the Golden Circle Theatre Party, and staffing for the Board of Fellows. Since joining the President’s Office, our office has taken on additional responsibilities including staffing for both the Board of Trustees and the Board of Regents.

Most of the classrooms we reserve include Arts & Sciences (Wiegand Room, Foyer, and Patio), Alumni Science, Daly Science, Kenna, Lucas, and O'Connor. We also reserve most outdoor areas, such as the Mayer/O'Connor Lawn, the St. Ignatius Lawn, the Santa Clara Mall, the Alameda Mall, and most of the Mission Gardens. For questions about reservations in these areas, please contact Stephanie Woitte at (408) 554-4991.

What about the setup of the room? Media? Food?

After your reservation is confirmed, contact Leah Nakasaki-Peterson for set up details if your event is in Benson. If your event is in a separate location outside of Benson, contact Facilities at (408) 554-4742. For audio/visual equipment and media needs, contact Media Services at (408) 554-4520. Food and beverages may be ordered through Bon Appetit at (408) 551-1792.

Can I reserve the Mission Gardens?

The Event Planning Office is responsible for Mission Gardens ABCDFG. The Adobe Lodge is responsible for Mission Gardens E. Sections H and I are not reservable.

Can I reserve online?

Reservation requests are submitted through AdAstra, the online reservation system. Only current faculty and staff are given access, so students should work with their faculty/staff advisor when reserving a space on campus. To access the AdAstra website, please go to and select SCU login in the upper right corner. Then select Astra Calendar and log in. If you need an Astra login, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

What is the charge to reserve a room?

If you are a current faculty or staff member or an on campus student organization reserving a space controlled by the Event Planning Office, there is no charge. We do not rent campus space to off-campus organizations, unless a current faculty or staff member within a university department chooses to sponsor them. By choosing to be an event sponsor, the university faculty or staff member acts as liaison for all university entities working with the off-campus group. The sponsor takes responsibility for all event details and must be present for the entire duration of the event.


What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is an Enterprise Software System used by Santa Clara University to manage daily administration. The University owns three PeopleSoft databases:

Learning Solutions (Student and Human Resources)
PeopleSoft Budgeting

PeopleSoft Budgeting users can prepare and submit annual budget projections due each year at the end of May.

PeopleSoft Financials
How do I get access to PeopleSoft?

You will need a User ID and Password for each PeopleSoft database.

Learning Solutions (Student and Human Resources)
PeopleSoft Budgeting

Contact the University Finance Office to request a User ID and password.

PeopleSoft Financials

To request a User ID and Password, visit the PeopleSoft Finance Website. Review the PeopleSoft Financials Security Policy and Fill out a User Agreement Form. Submit forms to Ruben Sumoba (x1881).

How do I get training on PeopleSoft?
PeopleSoft Learning Solutions training

For training on the PeopleSoft Student system, contact Bill Fowler (x7020) or

PeopleSoft Budgeting training

Training classes are posted here and are typically offered in late April – Early May. Please review the list of class offerings and contact the University Finance Office to register.

PeopleSoft Financials training

Training on PeopleSoft Financials is separated into functional Areas. You can receive training on any or all of the following:

Where can I find more information about PeopleSoft Financials?

Information about PeopleSoft Financials and other basic financial forms and information is available on the University Finance Office website.

University Support Services

What is USS?

University Support Services consists of the following departments and programs: Campus Post Office, Central Stores, Convenience Copier Program, Kinko’s Program, Mailing Services, Purchasing, Purchasing Card Program, Receiving, Travel Program.

Where are you located?

USS is located in the Facilities/University Support Services Building (Building # 604). We are directly behind the Sobrato Hall Dormitory.

Where is the post office?

The Campus Post Office is located on the lower level of the Benson Memorial Center directly across from the elevator and next to the Credit Union.

Can I make copies off campus?

Yes, we have a program established with Kinko’s.

I have a package to mail out. How should I prepare it?

The package should be securely taped with a legible address and return address. For personal packages take them to the Campus Post Office. Departmental packages can be left for pick up with your out-going mail. Please be sure to attach a departmental bar code card to insure the proper account is charged.

What is the proper way to address an envelope to my campus address?

View the Proper Address Format Guide (PDF 26KB) for details.

How do I purchase something for my office?

First you need to contact Ruben Sumoba (x1881) to become an authorized user within PeopleSoft. Then contact Kim Tavares (x4364) to schedule On-line TechReq training.

Our copy machine is broken, what should I do?

Notify your copier key-op as well as call Bertha Gonzalez (x4037).

Where can I order business cards and letterhead?

You can order cards and letterhead by filling out the online form here.

Can I FedEx something?

Yes, you can drop it off to Mailing Services or send it via intra-campus mail. Make sure to attach your FedEx Request Form. The form can be found at

How do I buy a computer or furniture for the office?

For computer purchases you must first contact Dianne Cranor in IT (x6922) to discuss your specific needs. For furniture contact Lisa Chatelle Watt in Purchasing (x4364).

Once a package is received by SCU, how long does it take to get to me?

The package will be delivered within a day.

Can I get supplies on campus?
Yes, you can get them through Central Stores. You can view the price list here (PDF 33KB).
Can I send a letter internationally?

Personal international letters can be sent from the Campus Post Office but not packages. Departmental international letters and packages can be sent through Mailing Services. Please be sure to attach a departmental bar code card to insure the proper account is charged.

Where can I get a purchasing card?

Before you can get a Purchasing Card you must attend a Purchasing Card Training Class. Visit for more information.

Who can I order supplies from off campus?

The University has a contract with Office Depot for office supplies. Contact Lisa Chatelle (x5414) to schedule training for Office Depot on-line ordering. A purchasing card is required to order online.

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