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Below, you can find information for departments looking to hire a student for an on-campus job.

Hiring process for managers
  1. Allocate budget for student wages and select budget distribution string.
  2. Develop job description and select pay range for the position (see Posting Descriptions below).
  3. Complete Advertise Open Position Form on Student Employment website.
  4. Receive applications via online application, resumes via email, walk-in or other means.
  5. Process applications and select students to interview.
  6. Conduct interviews via in-person interview or phone interview.
  7. Choose students for the positions and make the offers.
  8. Reply to applicants who were not selected to thank them for applying and let them know that the positions have been filled.
  9. Complete the SEA form and submit it via email to One SEA is needed for each student that is hired.
  10. If your new hire has never worked for the University, instruct the student to visit the Student Employment Office to complete I9 and W4 forms BEFORE they begin working.
  11. Ensure that all new hires complete the mandatory safety training online. Contact Sean Collins in the EHS Department with any questions regarding the safety training.

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Position descriptions and compensation

Student employees are required to be compensated with an hourly wage. Departments may not issue stipend payments to any student employee who is working in a student employment capacity. In addition, the University does not permit departments to establish commission-only student employment positions. Bonuses may not be added to a student employee’s paycheck.

Student employment positions should be classified by considering the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position. Managers and supervisors are responsible for considering the level and complexity of student employment positions in their department. They must make every effort to ensure consistent salaries in relation to similar student employment positions in their department.

Student employee hourly salary rates range from the prevailing CA minimum wage to $15 per hour. If a department would like assistance to determine an hourly wage for a position, they may contact the Student Employment Office for a position evaluation.

Student employees may receive periodic salary increases based on their performance, increase in job responsibilities, or gained knowledge. Departments are encouraged to establish guidelines for salary increases so that they are applied consistently. For instance, departments may want to establish guidelines so that students receive a 50 cent per hour salary increase annually to recognize the student employee’s increasing level of knowledge and skill in the position.

Work Study program details

Some SCU students receive a Federal Work Study (FWS) award as part of their financial aid package. Students in the FWS program are paid with 25% University funding and 75% Federal funding. Work Study student hiring is important to consider when looking at your student wage budget.

If you are wondering whether the students you are interviewing or offering positions to are eligible to receive Work Study funding, send an email to the Manager of Student Employment to verify the students' Work Study status.

Paying students

Is your student employee asking where his/her paycheck is? Here are questions to ask yourself to resolve the issue:

Disciplinary Actions

When a student staff member fails to meet the expectations of the hiring department, it is strongly recommended that necessary steps be taken to help the student fully understand his or her area(s) of weakness with an eye toward helping the student grow and develop in the workplace.

The goal of the hiring department should be to foster constructive feedback and to identify the specific areas of performance that need improvement. This process should include proposed resolutions and objectives, including a time frame for marked improvement.

The hiring department should properly document all meetings and provide the student with documentation clearly stating the problem, outlining the corrective steps proposed, the time frame, and the consequences should the student fail to meet the expectations at the end of the allotted time frame.

Recommended Steps for Student Staff Development:

  1. Meet with the student to review his or her job description and expectations.
  2. Acknowledge those things that the student has done well and address areas of weakness.
  3. Discuss corrective steps that need to be taken, including a time frame for marked improvement.
  4. Inform the student that his/her failure to adhere to these expectations may or will result in termination.

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Performance Evaluations

Formal performance evaluations are not required for your student employees. However, it is important to give constant constructive feedback about your student’s workplace performance. This feedback is important in his/her professional development while on the job.

International student procedures

As an international student with a F-1 Visa, you are eligible to begin working on campus once you have completed registration and no sooner than 30 days prior to your start date at Santa Clara University.

Upon being hired on campus, as an international student, you are required to present your I-94, I-20, visa, passport, social security card, I-9 and W-4. If your home country has a tax treaty with the U.S., you must also submit the 8233 IRS form (PDF 47KB) for tax purposes. Countries with tax treaties include Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Phillippines, and Thailand. The Student Employment Office will have a complete list for your review.

Liz Mireles can assist you with completing this form.

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