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HR Financial Counseling: Financial New Year's Resolutions

noon to 1:30 PM

Workshop Description:

  • Fiscal Cliff Notes --The Big Picture
    The entire global economy is likely to be stuck in a ?twilight zone? of sluggish growth in 2013. Proper money discipline is what will rescue and fortify you in 2013 and beyond.
  • Taxes in 2013
    To make you generally aware of tax legislation affecting your household
  • Spending power and the concept of personal solvency
    It is Madison Avenue, not Wall Street, that poses the bigger threat to your household This workshop offers ways to avoid becoming addicted to consumption, and to prevent our children from falling prey to continual media propaganda to spend and buy.
  • There is a relationship between wealth and health:
    Those who pay attention to the financial basics are happier, worry less, and suffer fewer stress-induced maladies.
  • Strategies to reduce personal debt and instill money discipline
    Tips for operating your household so as to build financial security
  • A solid FICO rating pays dividends.
    How and why to repair your credit score
  • Wills and estate documents.
    You will be provided with a handout listing the forms and records to assemble.

FORMAT ? the workshop includes a 15-minute case study, which allows participants to discuss within small groups a sample situation that needs adjustment.

Facilitator: Joe Crowley, PhD, SCU Financial Counselor

Cost: Free


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Manresa Learning Center

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