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The HR Matters Newsletter contains updates and relevant information for current and prospective employees at Santa Clara University.

  •  Time Entry drop-in educational sessions

    Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008
    The Department of Human Resources will be hosting two drop-in time entry educational sessions to answer questions regarding the University time entry system.
  •  Coping with Economic Anxiety

    Monday, Nov. 3, 2008
    The current financial crisis is on all of our minds and employees may be experiencing unexpected changes, disruptions, and increased levels of stress and anxiety. There are many ways the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help during these tumultuous times.
  •  Coping After An Earthquake

    Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008

    Living through an earthquake and the aftershocks is a frightening experience. Earthquakes can cause mental stress and worry in addition to property or physical damage. Be alert to your feelings and help others, particularly children, regain a sense of security.

    Visit for a Special Alert on Earthquakes and sign in or use your access code to enter and get more assistance

  •  UBH Offers Free Financial Education and Support

    Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2008
    You don't need to figure it out all alone - United Behavioral Health offers free, confidential access to experts. UBH's financial counseling services help you find answers to questions about budget planning, credit card debt, home buying and more.
  •  Sign Up to Receive Campus Emergency Alerts

    Thursday, Sep. 27, 2007

    Enroll in SCU Campus Alert to receive time-sensitive notifications sent to the SCU Community. There is no cost to SCU faculty, staff, and students who elect to participate in this service.

  •  Roth 403(b)

    Wednesday, May. 2, 2007
    To help you make more informed decisions regarding this new contribution, we have included some educational information on the Roth 403(b) option.
  •  Fact Sheet for College Students and Parents Coping with Terrorism

    Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2007

    With the recent shootings at Virginia Tech University, and the surrounding media coverage both on the TV and the internet, students, staff and faculty may be experiencing feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. The Stress & Anxiety Center or the Grief Centers located at have resources to help.

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