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Leadership Team

Each RLC is coordinated by a Faculty Director, a live-in Resident Director (RD), Resident Minister(s), and a student staff that includes Community Facilitators, Community Council members, and service desk receptionists. Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

Resident Director

The Resident Director (RD) is a professional, master's level, full-time staff person who has expertise in the areas of student development, group dynamics, and community development. The primary role of the RD is to supervise the student staff and day-to-day operations of the residence hall. Additionally, an RD ensures the safety, security and well-being of the residents in the buildings they oversee. Finally, the RD collaborates with the Faculty Director, Resident Minister and Assistant Resident Director to create the vision and goals of the RLC.

RLC Faculty Director

Each RLC is supported by a Faculty Director who is responsible for integrated education in the community, including its curriculum. The Faculty Director works closely with the professors of the courses offered through the RLC and with the Resident Director to ensure the connections between the academic and the personal growth of each student. The faculty director maintains an office in the RLC and is regularly available for interaction or general advising with members of the community.

Resident Minister

Our Resident Ministers (RMs) live in the residence halls and are a part of the floor and building communities. RMs include Jesuit priests, lay university staff members, and lay graduate students who are readily available for consultation regarding academic, personal, and spiritual needs.

Jesuit in Residence

A good number of faculty and Jesuits call one of the residence halls their home. By living in and taking an active role in their RLC, they offer students a terrific opportunity to know vibrant members of Santa Clara's intellectual community in a way different from the usual classroom interactions.

Assistant Resident Directors

ARDs are full time graduate or undergraduate students who live in the hall and work with the full-time Leadership Team to implement day-to-day operations and programming for an RLC.  ARDs truly serve as a support for students and the Community Facilitators. 

Community Facilitators

Community Facilitators (CFs) are an integral part of the community development aspect of each Residential Learning Community. CFs are undergraduate students who have at least one year of experience living in an RLC and who have had extensive training as peer educators and leaders. They educate residents about academic achievement, community living, and personal development, both formally through meetings and programs as well as informally by role modeling.

Maintaining a cooperative atmosphere where groups of students with different lifestyles coexist is perhaps a CFs most challenging and vital responsibility. They achieve this through programs, socials and assisting with connections on their floor.  CFs are able to help when roommate conflicts arise, when a student is having trouble with classes, or if someone just wants to talk.

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