Santa Clara University

Housing Office
Phone: (408) 554 - 4900
Room number: Benson 212

Mako Ushihara

Director, Housing Building Operations

Mako Ushihara has been a member of the Housing Team since the summer of 2006. Mako earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - International Business Emphasis as well as his Master of Arts in Education Administration & Supervision from San Jose State University. Mako enjoys seeing the results of his work and collaboration with other campus colleauges - and how these two things directly enhance the experience of all residents at Santa Clara University.

Mako strongly believes the residential component is an important part of the overall "Santa Clara experience" and is proud to play a role in making sure that the residential facilities are safe, clean, and well maintained as well as upgraded and evolving to best meet the needs of the resident student population.

Mako enjoys almost anything having to do with cars -- both new and old cars alike - and events that focus on cars such as car shows, swap meets, races, and auctions. Mako owns an old Datsun 510 he works on and drives on the weekends. Mako also enjoys spending time with family and friends - taking trips to Lake Tahoe, Napa and Sonoma counties, and trying out new restaurants in San Francisco and other Bay Area communities.

Mako highly encourages new incoming students to get involved!! Take risks and do your best to meet people and learn things you know nothing about! Santa Clara is a GREAT place to do this -- and the opportunities to do so are all around you!

Mako's favorite move is "A Christmas Story"! From Mako's perspective, the movie is just well done and captures so many funny family quirks and holiday traditions! Mako also really likes this movie because it reminds him of what makes both family and the holidays so special!