Santa Clara University


Mission & Values

Santa Clara University is comprised of many individuals interested in you as a whole person as well as in the community within which you will reside. The Residential Learning Communities Leadership Teams along with the Housing Team include professional and para-professional staff and faculty who wish to enhance your university experience. Our goal is to provide a living & learning environment which encourages academic achievement as well as student development.

The Housing Office works in collaboration with the Office of Residence Life to provide a model living-learning environment for our residents. The Housing Office is responsible for budget policy and analysis, contracts, room assignments, maintenance and facilities, and construction & renovations.


The Housing Office at Santa Clara University is an integral part of the total University education experience.  In collaboration with Residence Life, the Housing team is committed to challenging students while providing appropriate support to assist them in their continual growth and development.  We maintain and provide interactive environments where students have the opportunity to develop competence, conscience, and compassion.  The Housing Office is dedicated to the education of the whole person in the Jesuit tradition.  We are committed to updating and continually improving the evolving needs of residential communities.  We sustain environments that encourage students to pursue development of their life goals, interpersonal relationships, and integrity in connection to their academic pursuits.

We are dedicated to providing:

  • Safe and comfortable living/learning environments that facilitate rigorous inquiry, creative imagination, reflective engagement, and commitment to action;
  • Environments which contribute to students’ integrated education;
  • Services which help students achieve their potential
  • Opportunities for students to communicate input that affects community development

In order to accomplish its mission, the Housing team works closely with Residence Life, faculty, students, and other University stakeholders.

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