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About Residence Life

At Santa Clara University there are many people interested in you as an individual as well as in the Residential Learning Community (RLC) you will live and learn within. The RLC Leadership Teams along with the Housing Team include professional and paraprofessional staff and faculty who work to enhance your university experience. Our collective goal is to provide a living & learning environment that encourages academic achievement and student development.

Each RLC is coordinated by a Faculty Director (FD), a live-in Resident Director (RD), Resident Minister(s), and student staff members including Community Facilitators (CF), residential communication consultants, RLC Community Council members, and service desk receptionists. The Leadership Team within your RLC is a valuable resource and the members of this team can help you with both personal and academic concerns.


Each Residential Learning Community is led by a Faculty Director (FD) who is responsible for integrated education within the community which includes the curriculum. The Faculty Director works closely with the professors of the courses offered through the RLC and with the Resident Director to ensure the connection between the academic and the personal growth of each student. The Faculty Director maintains an office in the RLC and is regularly available for consultation or general interaction with members of the community.

The Resident Director (RD) is a professional full-time staff person who possesses expertise in the area of student development, group dynamics, and community development. The primary role of the RD is to coordinate all activities within each Residential Learning Community as well as lead, develop & supervise the student staff that work within the RLC.

The Resident Ministers (RMs) reside within the residence halls and are integrated members of the floor and building communities. RMs include Jesuit priests, religious men and women, and lay people who are readily available for consultation regarding your academic, personal, and spiritual needs.     

Community Facilitators (CFs) are integral members of each RLC and contribute fully to the community development aspect of each Residential Learning Community. CFs are undergraduate students who have at least one year of experience living within an RLC and who have received extensive training as peer educators and leaders. CFs educate residents about academic achievement, community living, and personal development, both formally (through meetings and programs) and informally (by role modeling).

Maintaining a cooperative atmosphere where groups of students with different lifestyles coexist is perhaps a CF’s most challenging and vital responsibility.

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