Santa Clara University

Housing Office

FAQ - Room Assignments

Q. When can I apply for a room change?

There is an official room change period three weeks into each quarter. During this time students looking to change rooms may download the room change form found under “Canceling and Changing Housing.” The form must be submitted by the published deadline to the Housing OfficeStudents will receive a decision via their SCU email account.

A student looking to change rooms outside of the official room change period must first speak with their Community Facilitator (CF)/Neighborhood Representative (NR) or Resident Director (RD)/Area Coordinator (AC). The Housing Office will not review requests for room changes outside of the room change period until the student speaks with their CF/NR or RD/AC.

Q. When can I apply for housing for the following year?

The application process for the following year begins typically the first Monday of the month of March.  The online application will require a contract, RLC/Building preferences and a $250 housing deposit.  Additional information for the following year’s room selection process will be available on the Housing website beginning in the month of February.  Current residents will also receive additional information regarding the process via their SCU email account.

Q. How are RLC/community assignments decided for continuing students? 

First priority is given to students who are currently in the community.  If space is available, students from outside the community may be able to join.  Communities which are difficult to move to are Communitas (Campisi), Loyola (Sobrato), da Vinci (Casa Italiana), Xavier (Sanfilippo) and Modern Perspectives (Dunne).

Q. If I currently live off campus and would like to move on campus, what is the process? 

If you are looking to live on campus, make sure you apply during the Room Selection process.  If the student is currently looking to move on to campus, she/he may contact the Housing Office at for information on how to apply.

Q. I will be studying abroad but would like to live on campus when I come back.  When can I apply?


Students interested in campus housing when they return from abroad should apply during the Room Selection process.  They should also send an email to housing@scu.eduto indicate when they will return from abroad.


Q. Can I reserve a space on campus while I am abroad?


We do not reserve spaces for students who will be abroad.  Abroad students will be placed on a priority list and will be assigned a room before any other applicants.


Q. Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Students sign contracts for the entire academic year.  Unless the student is withdrawing or transferring from the university, studying abroad or graduating early, the contract cannot be canceled once the student has taken possession of the room. For details regarding cancellations before taking possession of the room, please refer to the housing contract.

Q. How are RLC assignments decided for incoming freshmen?


Once the May 1 deadline has passed, all applications submitted by incoming freshmen are looked at with equal priority.  The goal of the Housing Office is to assign students to their highest RLC preference, but space availability for each community may limit the number of freshmen assigned. Please also keep in mind that for the Loyola and da Vinci communities, the answers to the supplemental essay questions are considered in placement in said communities.