Santa Clara University

Program Professors

The University Honors Program draws its faculty from among the more experienced teachers in the university. The following list includes some of the teachers who have taught UHP courses in recent years. Their names are followed by their respective graduate schools & "home" academic Departments at Santa Clara.


  • Leilani M. Miller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Biology


  • Naomi Andrews (University of California, Santa Cruz), History
  • Simone J. Billings (Stanford University), English
  • Terry L. Beers (University of Southern California), English
  • James Bennett (Yale University), Religious Studies
  • Paul G. Crowley, S.J. (Graduate Theological Union), Religious Studies
  • Diane E. Dreher (University of California, Los Angeles), English
  • Mary Judith Dunbar (Stanford University), English
  • Marilyn J. Edelstein (State University of New York, Buffalo), English
  • Eileen Razzari Elrod (University of California, Davis), English
  • Susan Frisbie (University of California, Berkeley), English
  • William S. Greenwalt (University of Virginia), Classics
  • John C. Hawley (University of Pennsylvania), English
  • John R. Heath (Stanford University), Classics
  • Teresia Mbari Hinga (University of Lancaster, England), Religious Studies
  • Patrick E. Hoggard (Washington State University), Chemistry
  • Diane E. Jonte-Pace (University of Chicago), Religious Studies
  • Philip J. Kain (University of California, San Diego), Philosophy
  • Christopher B. Kulp (Vanderbilt University), Philosophy
  • Scott Labarge (University of Arizona), Philosophy
  • Arthur F. Liebscher, S.J. (Indiana University), History
  • Michael McCarthy, S.J. ( University of Notre Dame), Religious Studies
  • Michael Meyer (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Philosophy
  • Helen E. Moritz (University of Chicago), Classics
  • Lawrence Nelson (St. Louis University), Philosophy
  • John David Pleins (University of Michigan), Religious Studies
  • William J. Prior (University of Texas), Philosophy
  • James W. Reites, S.J. (Pontifical Gregorian University) Religious Studies
  • Amy Schachter (University of Colorado, Boulder), Chemistry
  • Edward F. Schaeffer (University of California, Berkeley), Mathematics
  • Hersh Shefrin (London School of Economics), Mario J. Belotti Chair, Finance
  • SunWolf (University of California, Santa Barbara), Communication
  • David L. Tauck (Duke University), Biology
  • Manuel G. Velasquez (University of California, Berkeley), Charles J. Dirksen Professor of Business Ethics
  • Shannon Vallor  (Boston College), Philosophy
  • Jeffrey L. Zorn (Stanford University), English