Santa Clara University

LEAD Scholars Program

Student Staff

The LEAD Scholars Student Staff is made up of second, third and fourth year students, committed to helping their first year peers become successful as Santa Clara University. The Student Staff consists of three positions: LEAD Week Peer Mentors, LEAD English Peer Educators and LEAD Seminar Peer Educator.

During LEAD Week, all of the student staff work together to welcome the new students, plan activities and act as mentors. In particular the LEAD Week Peer Mentors meet daily during LEAD Week with a small group of mentees to facilitate community building activities and provide mentoring. They continue to provide informal mentoring throughout the year.

 The LEAD English Peer Educators begin their role as peer educators during the LEAD Week portion of the English class and continue through fall and winter quarters, offering academic support in the ENGL 1 & 2.

The LEAD Seminar Peer Educators play a support role during LEAD Week, and act as peer educators in the fall and winter. They provide academic and mentoring support while also helping with class planning and facilitation throughout LEAD 1 & 2.


To learn more about the students serving in these roles, please click on their position titles.

LEAD Week Peer Mentors

LEAD English Peer Educators

LEAD Seminar Peer Educators

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