Santa Clara University

About The Honors Program

The University Honors Programs provides Santa Clara's most able students with intellectual opportunities based in small, seminar-style classes. With no more than 17 students each, seminars emphasize analytical rigor, effective expression, and interaction among professors and students. In the classroom and elsewhere on campus, students enjoy a level of collaboration exceptional even at Santa Clara.

The course of study combines broadly based, liberal learning with depth of specialization in a major field. Honors Program classes are designed to fit within the curricula of the humanities, natural and social sciences, business, and engineering. Possible majors include every undergraduate field in the university.

Honors Program students participate fully in campus life. They enroll in many regular-session classes, live in the residence halls, and join in co-curricular and service activities activities.

Faithful to the university's history and identity, the University Honors Program welcomes students from diverse geographic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. All are young men and women blessed with rare potential for responsible leadership in their communities and professions.