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Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012

Name: Marc Ramos, Technology Training Specialist, University Library
Department:  Technology Training
Length of SCU Employment: 4 months
Born: Bronx, New York, Raised:  Woodland, California
Early Life:  Early Life:At an early age my parents moved out of the Castle Hill area of the south Bronx and landed in Woodland California, an agricultural community northwest of Sacramento. That’s where I graduated high school, met my future wife, got my first tattoo, learned to play poker, hit my first ever home run, and learned to drive.
Education:  B.A. in Film & Digital Media (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Family:  I am the oldest of two. My mother was the daughter of Mexican immigrants from the state of Chihuahua and my father was the son of Corsican Immigrants to Puerto Rico and assimilated Taíno Indians. I just recently celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary, and much to the chagrin of my mother in-law, we have no children...yet.
Most Meaningful Achievement: Being the first in my family to earn a Bachelors degree. Most importantly, my academic achievements helped inspire other family members to continue their educational journey
Why I came to SCU: I had been in instructional support at U. C. Santa Cruz for over a decade and wanted the opportunity to reach the greater campus community. While there, I developed an approach to teaching complex technical theories and practices that best demystified technology. When I applied for this position, I knew that Santa Clara’s Jesuit tradition of education was the perfect place for me to grow my own knowledge base and share with others. I was very fortunate to be offered and opportunity to give back to others what I’ve learned and hope that my role as a technology training specialist helps everyone succeed in their academic efforts.
Previous Employer:  My first job, at the age of 13, was as a seasonal laborer in the plum orchards of California for a total of four seasons. The wife of foreman, a retired schoolteacher, took the mid-afternoons to swing through our worksite and provided us fresh baked goods and ice-cold sodas. I recall sitting there listening to her tell my cousins and I about the great opportunities that existed away from the orchards as long we’d continue our education. As much as I enjoyed breaks from the blistering valley sun I also looked forward to her stories about the sciences, world art and literature. But the key to all those doors, as she stressed, was education. Since then, retail, theater, grocery, delivery, bottling facility, campaign canvasser & comedy club sound technician were of a handful of jobs I held while earning my degree. Finally, U. C. Santa Cruz found me, and I worked as their Assistant Producer Director for the Social Sciences Media Lab for the last 12 years.
In 5 years I Plan to Be: A parent, published, and 20 pounds lighter… maybe not in that order though
Favorite Books/Series:  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince.

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