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  •  What's New at the University Library?

    Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015 2:54 PM

    What's New at the University Library?

    Great New Staff! Since the beginning of this academic year, outstanding new staff have joined the Library to help us better serve faculty, students and staff. We are all in the Library Staff Directory, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Nicole Branch, Assessment Coordinator & Instruction Librarian, started December 17, 2014 and comes to SCU from Holy Names University in Oakland.

    Shannon Kealey, Science Librarian, started December 17, 2014, and comes to SCU from the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco.

    Kelly De Leon-Lopez, Events Planning & Communication Coordinator, started October 20, 2014 and comes to SCU from San Jose State University.

    Bethany Rust, Circulation Supervisor (Evenings), started November 30, 2014, and comes to SCU from Apple Inc. in Cupertino.

    We Have a New Look! If you have not been to the Library since before Christmas break, come on by and take a look. With the completion of Phase 1 of our renovation, you will find quite a change on the first floor. Among other changes, the Library Help Desk is now conveniently located near the building entrance. Phase 2 of this renovation project will be completed this summer, as we add more comfortable furniture and study space.

    Move over! We have been adding a lot of new content to the Library Catalog and many books now have an image of the book cover, table of contents, summary, excerpts and author notes.

    We are Driven! Demand driven, that is. In fall 2014, the University Library went live with a Demand Driven Acquisition System (DDA). This new service provides access to thousands of recently published electronic books through the Library Catalog. For these eBooks, the first checkout is a short-term loan and the second checkout triggers a purchase, but either way, they are your to read for free from any mobile device. By the way, did you know you can borrow an iPad, Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook from the Library? So, if you needed a new reason to check out the Library, now you have it!

    You Asked For It, And It's Here! Come on over and browse through our quickly growing popular reading collection. It's located to the right as you enter the building under the red POP signs. There is a suggestion box on top of the shelves, so please give us your recommendations! Here are a few of the books that have been added recently.

    Deep survival: who lives, who dies, and why: true stories of miraculous endurance and sudden death, 2004, by Laurence Gonzales.

    "After her plane crashes, a seventeen-year-old girl spends eleven days walking through the Peruvian jungle. Against all odds, with no food, shelter, or equipment, she gets out. A better-equipped group of adult survivors of the same crash sits down and dies. What makes the difference?"

    Greek sublime: the beauty of code, the code of beauty, 2014, by Vikram Chandra.

    "The nonfiction debut from the author of the bestseller Sacred Games about the surprising overlap between writing and computer coding."

    Here, 2014, by Richard McGuire.

    "A graphic novel presents the story of a corner of a room and the events that have occurred in that space over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, from births and deaths to deer and dinosaurs."

    I like you: hospitality under the influence, 2006, by Amy Sedaris.

    "An unconventional hostess offers a warm and witty guide to the art of entertaining, furnishing a treasury of recipes, helpful advice, and offbeat tips on how to pull off a party with extraordinary flair regardless of the occasion, covering such topics as unique dishes to serve alcoholics, the secrets to a successful children's part, arts and crafts ideas, and more."

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    The Library has a new look as you enter the building! Student Assistant Rachel Duhe assists at the remodeled Library Help Desk. Photo by Tony Raymond
  •  Staff Profile: Mike Hindery

    Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 4:55 PM

    Get to know new Vice President Mike Hindery, in his own words.


    Michael "Mike" Hindery


    Vice President for Finance and Administration

    Born & Raised

    I was born in Bellingham, Washington and lived in Tacoma, WA until 8th grade when we moved to Seattle. I went to high school in Seattle at Seattle prep, a Jesuit high school. After college, I lived in Sacramento for one year while in the Jesuit Volunteers, Seattle for two years while in graduate school, and Philadelphia for 16 years and moved to California at the end of 1995.


    Bachelor of Science in Sociology at Santa Clara; Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Washington; Masters of Arts in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied for a Ph.D.

    What is your most meaningful achievement?

    Do you know the term BFF -- business, friends and family? Reverse the order: family, friends, and business. I think my greatest achievement is having a healthy balance in my life of those three things in that order. I'd also like to say something about success. I like what Maya Angelou says about success: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." I think that's a very healthy and fun way to live.

    Why did you come (back) to Santa Clara?

    Given the opportunity, how could I not come back?!? I have great affection for Santa Clara and how it helped me grow as a person while here as an undergraduate. Santa Clara set me on a life long path of learning, growth and adventure for which I am very grateful. I'm excited about Santa Clara's mission, and its commitments to educating the whole person and to social justice resonate with me. I'm convinced that Santa Clara is at a transformative time. I was impressed by the strategic plan and the leadership team -- Trustees, President and Vice Presidents -- and I wanted to be a part of setting and achieving the desirable and ambitious agenda. I thought that my 30 years of experience in university leadership positions could add value and would be a good fit with Santa Clara's culture and needs.

    Any memories you'd like to share from your time as a student?

    No, I'm not going to admit to anything from those long ago deeds and years! My favorite memories involve the people who took an interest in and mentored me, the friendships I developed and the spontaneous silly behavior and provocative conversations.

    Tell us about your time so far as Vice President. Any surprises?

    The Santa Clara community -- staff, faculty, students and Trustees -- has been extremely gracious and welcoming. I've had great fun getting to know my new colleagues. I was quickly thrust into the issue with the City housing ordinance and also spent a lot of time working on the facilities master plan and the financial strategies for the strategic plan that we presented to the Board of Trustees in October. And we are busy with developing the FY16 budgets. 

    I've enjoyed coming into a job that isn't in turmoil or chaos. My two previous jobs were turn-around situations, and I'm enjoying having a very strong team and strength from which to build.

    Where do you see Santa Clara in the next few years?

    We have many great opportunities ahead of us. I see a very bright and exciting future for Santa Clara. There will be challenges and difficult discussions and decisions, yet we know who we are and where we want to get, and that's essential to achieve success.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    My spare time involves my family and friends and volunteering in the community. I exercise daily, and I'm an enthusiastic rower and road bicyclist. 

  •  Staff Faire 2014

    Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 4:41 PM

    Thank you to all the staff that attended the annual Staff Faire on Wednesday, September 10th! It was a great start to the new academic year. The Staff Senate would like to thank all persons and organizations who generously donated prizes for the opportunity drawing:

    Aqui Cal-Mex

    Bella Mia

    Campus Safety

    Center for Sustainability

    Citti's Florist

    Delicious Crepes

    EHS and Emergency Management

    English Department

    Human Resources

    Information Technology

    LB Steak

    Marriorr Hotels & Resorts

    Mondo Burrito

    Office of the President

    Office of the Registrar

    One Stop

    Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge

    Provost Office

    School of Business

    School of Engineering

    SCU Presents

    The Tech Museum of Innovation

    Undergraduate Summer Sessions

    Vice President for Finance and Administration

    Yumi Yogurt

    We would also like to thank Special Events Co-Chairs Alissa Novak (Center for Student Leadership) and Kristin Perrin (Executive Development Center) for their hard work in planning and putting on this special event. Finally, our thanks go to all the departments and groups who tabled at the Staff Faire. As you know, there is a competition for the best decorated table, which comes with the honored prize of the Tacky Trophy. Congratulations to Human Resources for winning the Tack Trophy this year!

    Next year's Staff Faire will be on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Please plan to attend!

  •  Staff Profile: Bob Owen

    Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014 12:00 PM

    Get to know Bob, in his own words!


    Dr. Robert C. Owen


    Vice Provost for Information Services and Chief Information Officer

    Born & Raised 

    Born in Janesville, Wisconsin, a small factory town on the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Wisconsin is a great place to be from--the people are friendly and down-to-earth, and they work hard and play hard.

    Formal Education

    Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a double major in Industrial Relations and Management Information Systems; Masters of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with an emphasis in School Business Management; Doctor of Public Administration from the University of La Verne.

    Informal Education

    My real education came from my mom and dad. My mom was an English major and a writer, and my father was a professional artist. I grew up in a home with good art, good literature, and good music. We routinely debated politics, religion, and philosophy around our dinner table. I grew up poor financially, but very rich in terms of having a loving and stimulating home environment.

    Greatest Achievement

    My most meaningful achievement was both personal and professional. In the mid-1990s, I was the CIO for a very large and very low-income school district in the Los Angeles area, Fontana Unified Schools. At that time, Fontana had 42,000 students. When I started as CIO in 1996, only one of two high schools, one of six middle schools, and none of the 22 elementary schools had a network or computers in every classroom. The students in Fontana were designated as very high-risk: 75% were on the free/reduced lunch program; 75% had limited English proficiency; and some of our classrooms experienced over a 100% mobility (student turnover) rate. By the time I left eight years later, every school in Fontana had a state-of-the-art network and computers in every classroom. We implemented a comprehensive instructional technology program that provided training to our teachers and that infused technology into the curriculum. Providing Internet access, technology, and training to these extremely disadvantaged, at-risk students made a real difference in many of their lives. Having grown up poor myself, it felt very good to be able to do this.

    Why the move to Santa Clara?

    I moved to Santa Clara for both pushing and pulling reasons. I had a great job at WKU, a great boss, a great staff, and worked with great colleagues. The thing that wasn't so great were the allergies; my wife has severe allergies and asthma. When I took the job at WKU, it did not occur to either of us that allergies would be a problem in Kentucky; we had lived in California for so long that it wasn't even on our radar. As it turns out, Bowling Green is the allergy capital of the U.S. So, about a year ago, Lisa's doctor told us that we had to get out of Kentucky. At about the same time, I was contacted by the recruiter for the CIO job here at SCU. He strongly encouraged me to consider this opportunity, and the more that I looked at the position and the University, the more I liked what I saw. I am very happy to be here, and feel that I can make a positive contribution to the institution. 

    Where do you see Santa Clara in the next few years?

    I think that this is an extremely exciting time to be a part of the life of this institution. The recently announced capital campaign is tangible evidence that SCU means to be a major player in higher education not only in the Bay Area, but among the other Jesuit institutions as well. The capital campaign is the SCU 2020 plan made manifest. I view our University as being at an inflection point, and I veliever that future generations will be able to point back to this time as the beginning of a period of extraordinary accomplishment.

    What are your short and long term goals at SCU?

    From a technology standpoint, there is much to do. One of my short-term goals includes the creation of a Technology Advisory Committee, with a membership representative of the campus community as a whole, that will meet regularly and provide feedback to me and the entire IS division. I will ask the TAC to endorse a strategic planning process that I will propose later this academic year. We need to address some immediate and pressing infrastructure needs. Our network is 7-8 years old and is nearing end-of-life. This yields a frustrating experience for our user community, since the network is often slow and unreliable. We also need to create a disaster recovery plan. Both in the short- and long-term, two of our foundational goals in IS will be to provide superior customer service, and to communicate often with, and listen to, our user community using a variety of methods.

    It is extremely difficult to make any long-term predictions regarding technology, especially with any specificity. The technology landscape is littered with companies that were are the top of their game on year, and non-exsistent several years after that. This is a function of living in a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Since it is difficult to predict what technologies will emerge, one of my goals is to build a future-proofed technology organization that is opportunistic in the best sense of the word: one that is well possitioned; well connected; sufficiently resourced; cognizant of current and trending technologies; and has a well-trained staff that is nimble, adaptive, and creative.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    I like to golf, ski (downhill), travel, cook, and go wine tasing. I am a voracious reader, mainly non-fiction and current events. At some point in the future, I would also like to teach again; I was an adjunct faculty member in the political science department at WKU. I find teaching exceptionally rewarding.

  •  Staff Profile: Jake Schneider

    Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 9:02 AM

    Name: Jake Schneider
    Department:  Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
    Length of SCU Employment: 4.5 months
    Born & Lived:  Born in Ashland, WI, Lived in Sydney, Montana, Longmont, CO, San Diego, CA, Boston, MA, Santiago Chile
    Early Life: I spent most of my early years in Longmont, Colorado where I attended St. John the Baptist Catholic Grade School and then Longmont High School. Involvements in High School included tennis and trumpet in the band and church youth group. Best memories include going up to Rocky Mountain National Park and Snowy Christmases at home.
    Family:  Parents, Don and Sue; one sister, Elizabeth; one brother, Zach with a sister-in-law, Laura, and brand new nephew, Evan.
    Most Meaningful Achievement: I think my most meaningful achievement was the experience Iived and the work I did during my two years in Chile. I was by no means successful all the time in the classroom, but I am proud of the way that experience shaped me, and tremendously grateful for the relationships cultivated, most especially with the students that I taught.
    Why I came to SCU: I came to SCU to direct the Immersions Program. I was drawn by the Ignatian ideal of holistic education and the university’s commitment to integrating academic life with the formation of student toward a commitment to justice and service of others.
    Previous Employer: Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    In 5 years I Plan to Be: Hopefully in a Doctoral Program
    Favorite Books/Series: East of Eden, Lord of the Rings
    In My Spare Time:  I play volleyball whenever I get the chance. I play guitar. I like being outdoors, hiking, biking, etc. and I enjoy just spending time with people whether that means hosting at my house or being out and about.

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  •  Fall 2013 Staff Senate Meetings & Speakers

    Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 3:27 PM

    The Staff Senate meets at 11 a.m. on the 3rd Thursday of every month. All SCU Staff are welcome to attend!

    Here are the meetings for the rest of the Fall quarter, along with guests scheduled to speak at those meetings:

    • November 21 @ Donohoe Alumni House - Carol Ann Gittens (Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences) (Chair of the Child Care Task Force)
    • December 19 @ Location t.b.a. - Aldo Billingslea (Assocate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion)
  •  Thanks for Making the Staff Faire a Success!

    Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 3:19 PM

    Thank you to all SCU Staff for attending the Staff Faire on Wednesday, September 11th! It was a rousing start to the new academic year! The Staff Senate would like to thank all persons and organizations who generously donated prizes for the opportunity drawings. Congratulations to all the winners!

    We'd especially like to thank Henry Gucho (University Operations and Staff Senate Chair of Special Events) and Marissa Pimentel (University Operations) for all of their hard work in preparing, organizing, and putting on this special event!

    Our thanks also go to all the departments and groups who tabled at the Staff Faire. As you know, there is a competition for the best decorated table. This year's competition was won by Alumni Relations! The lucky recipients were awarded that most prized honor: The Tacky Trophy!

    Next year's Staff Faire will be on Wednesday, September 10, 2014. Plan ahead!

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    Behold the glorious beauteousness of the Tacky Trophy!
  •  Your 2013-2014 Staff Senate Representatives

    Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 3:01 PM

    The Staff Senate welcomes you back to the 2013-2014 academic year! Here is a list of the staff senate representatives for this academic year. The list can also be found on the Staff Senate's website.

    N.B. Not all Staff representation groups have a representative! This is because no staff members from those groups accepeted a nomination to serve in the most recent Staff Senate election. The next Staff Senate election will be in Spring 2014.

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  •  USF/SCU Fitness Challenge!

    Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 8:02 PM

    In the inaugural USF vs. SCU Fitness & Wellness Challenge, faculty and staff from USF and Santa Clara will ‘compete’ to see which university is the most active during the month of February.

    Being active in this challenge can mean anything from doing 15 minutes of gardening on the weekend, walking or running over your lunch break, taking a yoga or healthy cooking class, participating in a race - and everything in between!

    SO whether you are a die-hard exerciser who already works out at the Malley Fitness Center or your local gym every day, or you just love taking a stroll in the park and having a good stretch, EVERY MINUTE COUNTS in helping SCU win this fun and healthy challenge.

    Log in here:


    For every 5 hours logged, your name will be entered in a faculty/staff raffle for water bottles, t-shirts, lanyards, and reusable bags! The top three SCU faculty/staff participants who log the most minutes during February will win a lunch at Adobe in addition to another prize.

    • 1st place: $40 gift card and Campus Recreation bag
    • 2nd place: $30 gift card and Campus Recreation bag
    • 3rd place: $20 gift card and Campus Recreation bag

    NEW Prize for the Top 12 Finishers!

    A ticket for you and a guest to attend an SCU Baseball Game in the Suite at Schott Stadium. Thank you Athletic Department for donating a great prize for this event!

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  •  Staff Profile: Jennifer Nutefall

    Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 7:44 PM

    Name: Jennifer Nutefall

    Department: University Library

    Title: University Librarian

    Length of SCU Employment: 7 months

    Born and raised: Buffalo, NY

    Lived in:

    • Syracuse, NY
    • Rochester, NY
    • Washington, DC
    • Corvalis, OR


    • Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University
    • Master of Library Science from Syracuse University
    • Master of Arts in Education and Human Development from George Washington University

    Family (all currently living in Rochester, NY):

    • Daniel and Kathryn (parents)
    • Kimberly and Tom (sister and brother-in-law)
    • Molly and Liam (niece and nephew)
    • Daniel (brother)

    Most Meaningful Achievement:

    The professional achievement that I am most proud of is the ongoing partnership and collaboration that was established between librarians and first-year writing faculty at George Washington University. The partnership facilitates effective integration of information literacy into the curriculum. Faculty and librarians are encouraged to collaborate on all stages of the course including choosing course texts, devising effective research assignments, and planning and teaching information literacy sessions. The course is required of all incoming first-year students and therefore librarians see every first-year student at least twice over the course of a semester. By using assessment data, we advocated for and received four new librarian positions specifically to support this partnership. The partnership was established in 2003 and continues today.

    Why I Came to SCU:

    I came to Santa Clara because the Jesuit philosophy of educating the whole person matches my personal philosophy for higher education. I believe strongly in community-based learning and the impact it can have on students and the community.

    Previous Employers:

    • Oregon State University
    • George Washington University
    • State University of New York (SUNY) College at Brockport

    In 5 Years I Plan to Be:

    I will still be at Santa Clara University and look forward to establishing new partnerships and collaborations across campus.

    Favorite Books/Series:

    When I have the opportunity to read for fun, my favorite author is Nora Roberts. Most recently I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Leading Change by John Kotter.

    In My Spare Time:

    I exercise regularly and take spin and kickboxing classes. My hobby is nature photography.

    Personal Philosophy:

    My core work values are honesty, trust, and open-mindedness.

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