Santa Clara University

University Governance


  • Staci Gustafson, Athletics & Recreation 2013-16, Co-Chair 2014-15
  • Scott LaBarge, Philosophy 2013-16, Co-Chair 2014-15
  • Lauren Betschart, ASG Senate Chair
  • Barbara Colyar, Alumni Office 2012-15
  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students
  • Sukhmander Singh, Civil Engineering 2012-15
  • Anaisy Tolentino, ASG President 2014-15
  • Four undergraduate and graduate students 2014-15

Students, faculty, and student development and other appropriate staff will serve on the committee. Recommended membership will consist of one graduate student and four undergraduates, including the Associated Student Government President and Senate Chair (or designee) and two at large representatives, appointed to one-year renewable terms. Membership will also include two faculty and two staff, appointed to three year terms, renewable once, and the Vice Provost for Student Life as the Provost designee to the Committee.

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