Santa Clara University

University Governance


  • Tyler Ochoa, School of Law, 2014-17, Chair
  • Harold Hoyle, Education and Counseling Psychology, 2015-18
  • Philip Kain, Philosophy, 2014-17
  • Edwin Maurer, Civil Engineering, 2015-18
  • Katherine Morris, Art and Art History, 2014-17
  • Dan Ostrov, Mathematics, 2015-18
  • Thomas Plante, Psychology, 2013-16
  • Amy Shachter, Associate Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs
  • Jennifer Woolley, Management, 2015-18

The Faculty Affairs Committee shall be selected from tenured members of the faculty and senior lecturers. The size of the committee should not exceed nine members. The UCC shall appoint the members of the Faculty Affairs Committee. Membership should be broadly constituted to adequately represent a broad spectrum of perspectives, for example, disciplinary divisions within the University, an emphasis on teaching, scholarship and creative works, the University's graduate and undergraduate character, the Catholic and Jesuit tradition, and other perspectives, experiences, or expertise that may assist the Committee in its deliberations.

The Provost will serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee or appoint a designate to serve on that Committee to provide an administrative perspective. The Provost will also be available for consultation and collaboration with the committee as necessary throughout their deliberations.

Committee members shall serve staggered three-year terms, renewable once.

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