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What's Not to Love?

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What's not to love?

Denise Melone

Marketing major

Denise Melone says her experience at Santa Clara prepared her exactly for the work she does today, as a marketing executive for OgilvyHealthworld in New York. That's one of the many reasons she continues to support Santa Clara University: "The business school at Santa Clara is amazing. Over half of the professors are actually executives or former executives who are able to bring their real-life experience to the classroom," she says.

Her classwork from Santa Clara informs her day-to-day efforts in pharmaceutical advertising. "Particularly working with Professor Buford Barr, I felt so well prepared. I learned about brand analysis, packaging proposals, financial analysis—things I use every day," she says.

Melone, who goes by Didi, worked as a student caller in the development office as an undergraduate marketing major in the business school. There, she learned negotiation, how to listen to people, "and to not take no for an answer," she laughs. She was able to see directly how gifts from alumni help current students: "I'm grateful I was able to talk to alumni and parents. I could explain to them that yes, you are giving money, but the fact is you're giving it to a student. A gift can make their experience that much more powerful—or even make it possible for a student to be there. You can impact a student's life. I really believe in the school and giving back."

And she continues to operate as an SCU ambassador on the East Coast: "It's funny, there are so many people in New York who have not heard of Santa Clara. It's fun for me to explain why I loved it, why the school is so great. I always say at Santa Clara you get a big school education in a small family package. You've got palm trees, great professors, great sports, great people: What's not to love?"

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