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Mary Matthews-Stevens '84

Mary Mathews-Stevens and her husband Mark, a partner in venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, have been active in education philanthropy with their support of numerous educational organizations in California including a previous gift to Santa Clara in 2002. At that time, Mark and Mary donated $500,000 to endow a fellowship program for graduates of Mary's high school in Portland, Oregon who wish to attend SCU.  In a gesture to honor the departing president of Santa Clara University, Mary and Mark have most recently donated $7 million for the Paul L. Locatelli, S.J. Student Activity Center.

The new student center was "a perfect project to support given my deep involvement with student government, sports, and other student activities while I was an undergraduate at SCU," said Mary.

The gift comes at a time when the growing global economic crisis is beginning to affect U.S. colleges and universities. Many institutions, in the face of negative endowment returns, government budget cuts, and shrinking donations, have been forced to slash budgets and delay capital improvement projects. "We see our donation as a long-term investment in the quality of student life at Santa Clara. It is indeed fortunate that we are able to support the mission of the University in these very turbulent economic conditions," Mark explained.

Mary has served on SCU's Board of Fellows since 2001. "Santa Clara's soaring academic reputation and quality of campus life are direct results of Father Locatelli's relentless adherence to the Jesuit values of competence, conscience and compassion," said Mary.

Recalling her years at Santa Clara with fondness, Mary says "It was a real stretch economically for my parents to send me there. Along the way, I received a great education, had many great experiences, and established many friendships that persist to this day. Mark and I feel so blessed that we can help generations of future Broncos," she said.

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