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Brooke Boniface

Political Science major

As Brooke Boniface nears the end of her undergraduate days at Santa Clara University, she's thankful for the many academic opportunities that have expanded her horizons and shaped her future.

“After a visit to campus, my heart was set on this University, but as the daughter of a single mother on a teacher's salary, I almost ruled out Santa Clara knowing the tuition expense of a private school.” Ultimately, it was generous financial aid, including from the Santa Clara Fund, which allowed her to attend her choice university.

While a student, her love of writing emerged and was nurtured by her freshman English professor, Heather Julien. Now, she can't imagine her life without writing.

Brooke eventually became the editor of the opinion section of the student newspaper, The Santa Clara, and wrote for student-run social-justice magazine, OneWorld, which is also supported by the Santa Clara Fund. She traveled to New Orleans on a University-sponsored immersion trip to rebuild houses.

“The time I have spent here has given me some of the best friends, memories and experiences of my life,” she said. “I will forever be grateful to Santa Clara's alumni, family, and friends for their support. Not only did your gifts allow me to come to Santa Clara in the first place but also funded many of the activities that shaped my college life.”

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