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Mary Anne Daniels '89

When you meet Mary Anne Daniels, her enthusiasm for Santa Clara University is obvious.  "I received a well-rounded education that enriched me both personally and professionally."

Her belief is that Santa Clara has helped her become the person she is today, and that the education she received helped her build her career in a significant way.  Mary Anne runs a successful Human Resources consulting firm.  She says, "I am forever grateful for my education and would like others to have the same experience as well."
That's a big part of why she decided to get involved with her 20th reunion campaign.  Because many of her friends were from Santa Clara, it was a great way for her to reconnect with them while encouraging others to support the university. She remembers, "The friends and close connections that I made while being a student at SCU were what made my experience so unique. I'm proud to be able to give back to the university – and I am able to share that with family and alumni friends, which, in turn, strengthens the spirit of SCU!" 
Mary Anne has been a generous supporter of the Santa Clara Fund.  She feels that others can make a difference for today's students as well.   "Gifts from alumni, big and small, really add up to provide for Santa Clara students."
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