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A Home for the Arts

The new Art and Art History Building will serve to further elevate the arts at Santa Clara University.

Today on the north side of the Mission Campus visitors find the de Saisset Museum, Center of Performing Arts, the Music and Dance building, and Mayer Theatre. In the near future, Santa Clara will significantly increase the opportunities for scholarship and creativity with a state-of-the-art building for students studying the fine arts, for visiting artists to share their passion through their work, and for the University and greater community to participate in the exploration and appreciation of art.

This new facility dedicated to the fine arts is the next step on the road to national prominence as a locus of artistic instruction and research for Santa Clara University's undergraduate arts program.

“A challenging and diverse art curriculum is already in place. This includes excellent teaching and mentoring, opportunities to study abroad, internships throughout the Bay Area, and a Core Curriculum requirement in the arts for all undergraduates,” says W. Atom Yee, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “What is required at this time is an innovative facility that encourages and inspires not only Santa Clara's talented fine arts students, but also enhances the learning experience of the many undergraduates who create and interpret art in art and art history courses.”

Plans for this facility include modern studios, technology-rich classrooms, student workspaces and meeting areas. A spacious gallery will be one of the many new features to showcase student, faculty, and visiting artists' work, as well as draw in the University and larger Bay Area community. For centuries, the arts have been an important part of the Jesuit mission to educate the whole person. With a focus on the future of arts education, Santa Clara University keeps this tradition alive.


At a Glance

A brief look at the early specs of the new Arts and Art History building
Overall Size

Current: 25,937 sq. ft.
New arts building: 41,500 sq. ft.


Current: 573 sq. ft.
New arts building: 1,200 sq. ft.

Outdoor Space

80 percent more, including a sculpture garden

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