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Who Benefits from the Santa Clara Fund?

Why Your Gift Matters

What is Alumni Participation?

Alumni participation refers to the number of undergraduate alumni who make an annual gift of any size to their alma mater.  So when it comes to participation, a $20 gift is weighed the same as a $20,000 gift.

Why is Alumni Participation Important?

  • Last year, gifts of $100 or less added up to $963,651 - underscoring the fact that every gift makes a difference.

  • Participation is one of the critical metrics used to determine national rankings of universities.

  • It also helps leverage financial support from corporations and foundations.

Which Gifts Count Toward Alumni Participation?

Every alumni gift, to any area of campus, counts toward Santa Clara's participation rate.  Gifts to the Santa Clara Fund impact the largest number of students as they support scholarships, academic programs, international study and immersion trips, and student initiatives.

2013 Participation Chart and Benchmarks

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