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Sustainability in Santa Clara’s Buildings

The University is committed to promoting sustainability on campus.

Lucas Hall
Lucas Hall

The new business center upholds Santa Clara University’s commitment to the green movement. Over 90 percent of the building has access to natural light, reducing the need for electricity.

The building also has motion sensors in offices, breakout rooms, work rooms, and conference rooms that turn off lights when not in use. Not only are there traditional recycling bins throughout the building, but all of the landscaping around the building uses recycled water, and the classroom and collaborative chairs are 98 percent recyclable as well.

All of these environmental friendly features add up: Lucas Hall is 13 percent more energy efficient than Title 24, California’s standards for energy efficiency and help to reduce Santa Clara's carbon footprint in California.

Learning Commons
Harrington Learning Commons, Sobrato Technology Center, and Orradre Library

The building boasts a number of environmentally friendly features including 11 water-free urinals, access to natural light in more than 90 percent of the public space, and furniture that is recycled and/or recyclable.

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