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Manoochehr Ghiassi, OMIS, had his paper, "A Dynamic Architecture for Artificial Neural Networks," accepted by the Journal of NeuroComputing.


Dan Klein, economics, just launched the Web-based Economic Journal Watch. He says that "The journal gets the voice of Adam Smith back into form and brings it to bear on the world of academic economics." His Advisory Council features four Nobel laureates. Matt Brown, economics, and Fred Foldvary, economics, also serve in editorial capacities.


Steve Nahmias, OMIS, has the fifth edition of his textbook, Production and Operations Analysis, coming out this summer. This book is being used at Harvard, Columbia, Michigan, Northwestern, U.C./Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania, to name a few.


Thomas Plante, psychology, “Ethics for dummies: Keeping the ethics code simple.” The California Psychologist, 37, 23-24, April 2004.



Steve Wade, accounting and finance, recently accompanied four undergraduates to the Fourth Annual Global Student Investment Strategy Symposium at the University of Dayton. John Bogle, father of Vanguard funds, and Don Phillips, Morningstar, gave keynote presentations on corporate governance.


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