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Dan Klein 

Dan Klein, economics, was one of nine educators nationwide—and only one of four in higher education—to be presented one of the 27th Annual Leavey Awards for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education.


Klein was honored for his work as the founder and director of the Civil Society Institute at the Leavey School of Business.


The Civil Society Institute is a program dedicated to educating students in the classic themes of political economy and their relevance to contemporary policy issues.


In addition to training top undergraduate students, The Civil Society Institute also hosts public lectures and events that explore ideas and policy issues in classical liberal / libertarian thought.


The institute’s faculty consists of Matthew Brown, economics; Henry Demmert, economics; Fred Foldvary, economics; Robert Finocchio, management; David Friedman, economics; Kerry Macintosh, law; Jacques Delacroix, management; and Klein, director.


The awards were presented by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in Philadelphia in March.


“The Leavey Awards in just a quarter century have become the most prestigious honor in the United States for teachers who create and implement programs that teach the free enterprise system to future generations,” said Freedoms Foundation CEO Aaron Siegel. “The Freedoms Foundation is proud to host this important tribute and to celebrate our 27th anniversary partnership with the California based Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation.”


The foundation for year has underwritten programs at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, whose part-time MBA program was most recently ranked among the top 10 in the U.S.


Each of the recipients received a $7,500 cash prize. Klein said he would donate his to support programs of the Civil Society Institute.


For more information on the Leavey Awards and Freedoms Foundation visit the foundation Website.


Ed McQuarrie, marketing, received an award for the Best Paper of the Year in The Journal of Advertising for his co-authored paper "The Development, Change, and Transformation of Rhetorical Style in Magazine Advertisements 1954-1979."


Meir Statman, finance, was appointed to the editorial review board of the Journal of Investment Management.


Drew Starbird, OMIS, will be a visiting fellow at the Department of Agriculture this summer in Washington, D.C.  He'll be consulting with them on several studies dealing with food safety issues, for which both he and Greg Baker, management and economics, are considered world experts.


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