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Jim Koch, director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society, is attending the third annual Glocalization Conference in Rome on May 16-17. He is a member of the Think Tank Steering Committee and is moderating a panel on Information Communication Technology. The conference will focus on the creation of “We are the Future,” a worldwide effort to assist children suffering in conflict and post-conflict areas. A highlight of the two-day event will be a concert produced by Quincy Jones and broadcast worldwide from the Roman Coliseum.

Paul Crowley, S.J., religious studies, was the keynote speaker on March 26 at the Avera Health Care Corporation Ethics Conference, Sioux Falls, S.D., on “The Many Faces of Suffering.”

Paul Crowley, S.J., religious studies, was the main speaker in February at Heartlands Jesuit Conversations, St. Louis University, On “The Jesuit Thing: Style or Substance?”

Francisco Jiménez, modern languages and literatures, was the keynote speaker at the Annual Children's Literature Council of Southern California in the El Cerrito Public Library on April 17.

Francisco Jiménez, modern languages and literatures, also was the keynote speaker at the 35th Annual State Conference of the California Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages at the Santa Clara Convention Center on April 22.

Michael Calegari, accounting, was the faculty adviser for a team of five undergraduate business students, all members of the Latino Business Students Association, that presented a paper at a national competition hosted by KMPG in San Francisco on April 22. The paper was “GoFaast Engines: Treatment of Reimbursable Pre-Production Costs.” The accounting majors had prepared an analysis of a case written by Harvard Business School faculty. The students who took part were James Hinsley, Laura Carrasco, Maria Gutierrez, Freya Bernardo, Christine Yeung.

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