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The Faculty-Staff Newsletter, e-mail edition
Santa Clara University, March 15, 2006, Vol. 6, No. 10

The Future in Engineering

The new degree option is likely to increase the number of women within the engineering department as well. “Traditionally, engineering has low female enrollment in most disciplines other than bioengineering, which has the highest level of female students of any engineering major across the country,” Hight said.

Excitement about the program is already building on campus among faculty as well as students. “There’s a lot of enthusiasm throughout engineering and the sciences,” said Pitt. “And now I’m starting to hear a buzz on campus from students who want to sign up.” Indeed, many students have already enrolled in the program’s first offering this spring, Introduction to Bioengineering.

“Like many of our programs, it will have a very strong element of cooperation with Silicon Valley,” Pitt said, including biomedical device companies and local medical centers. “And it will also have the Santa Clara University flavor as well, with ethics being an important part of it.” For more information about bioengineering, contact Tim Hight at