Santa Clara University



Angel Islas, biology, has received an award amendment from the National Science Foundation that provides an additional $128,000 to support "RUI: The Biochemistry of Template Switching."  This amendment provides second-year funding of an anticipated three-year award.  The award to date totals $262,000.



Barry Z. Posner, dean of the Leavey School of Business, congratulated associate dean Henry Demmert and assistant dean Jo-Anne Shibles as the school this month celebrated graduation of the first 12 Leavey Scholar graduates.

The dean also singled out these faculty for special recognition for their teaching efforts in the Leavey Scholar program: Dennis Moberg, management; Atulya Sarin, finance; Shawn Berman, management; Drew Starbird, OMIS; Alex Field, economics; and Steve Corio.

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