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 Grants, Awards, and Publications

Jessica Lucas (Biology) has received $407,821 from the National Science Foundation to support "MRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Multi-disciplinary Research."

Francisco Jimenez (Modern Languages & Literatures) received honors for his participation in a Community Read Program in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The community-wide read program promotes literacy and and his book, Cajas de Carton (The Circuit), was selected for this year's program.

Tim Meyers (English) signed contracts for four new children's books with three different publishers. He has 11 children's books and three adult books out already.

Angelo Ancheta (School of Law) has received $6,750 from the Catholic Charities to support the "South Bay Legal Immigration Services Network." Ancheta has received $22,113 from the State Bar of California to support the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center.

Radha Basu (School of Engineering) has received $75,000 from Cisco Systems, Inc. to support "Accelerating Mobile and Cloud-Based Solutions for Emerging-market Social Entrepreneurs."

David Onek (Northern California Innocence Project, Law School) has received $249,781 from the Department of Justice to support "Wrongful Conviction Review Program FY 2013."

Naomi Levy (political science) has received $224,376 from the Office of Naval Research's Minerva Initiative to support "Public Service Provision as Peace-building." This project compares autonomous peace-building efforts and internationally aided interventions in Laos, Cambodia, and Uganda to shed light on the causal relationships between the "degree of aidedness," state-building, and peace-building.

Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering) has received $150,000 subcontract from The University of Alaska Fairbanks/Marine Science and Technology Foundation Prime to support "Dark Energy Biosphere Initiative - Subsurface Life Characterization Tool." This is a three-year grant and includes funding for graduate research assistants.

Guy Ramon (Physics) has received $95,000 from the National Science Foundation to support "RUI: Theoretical Study of Quantum Control and Coherence Preserving Strategies in Solid State Spin Qubits."

Nam Ling (Computer Engineering) has received $100,220 from the Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd. to support "Depth and Mode Coding for HEVC-3D."


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