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The Faculty-Staff Newsletter, e-mail edition
Santa Clara University, September 15, 2006, Vol. 7, No. 1

Santa Clara University welcomes its largest freshman class

There has been a tremendous amount of work across the campus to ensure that, despite the large class size, the freshman experience for the Class of 2010 is no different than in years past. Even so, more students on campus means that there’s a need for more housing and services. To meet these demands, some dorms previously reserved for upperclassmen are being opened to freshmen, and some double rooms are being converted into triples. Students living in triples will receive a discount for room and board. SCU’s Market Square and The Bronco are offering extended hours, and the newly remodeled Mission Bakery will be able to accommodate more people than before. Every effort is being made to keep individual classroom size the same as last year. Read more about what the University is doing to accommodate the Class of 2010.

The large freshman class has many wondering if this trend will continue. Hayes points to data that suggests that the increase of students applying to college will continue through 2010. But that doesn’t necessarily mean SCU will continue to have larger than usual freshman classes. “We want the interest to continue, but we need to put safeguards in place so that students who come here still get the Santa Clara experience,” she said.

SCU is not alone in welcoming an exceptionally large number of incoming students. Hayes spoke with San Francisco Chronicle higher education reporter Tanya Schevitz about the Class of 2010 and how it is affecting colleges and universities across the country. Read the article.