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Santa Clara University, May 15, 2006, Vol. 6, No. 14

"Requiem for the People"

An accomplished composer and teacher, Quist describes the compositional process as “a bit like describing why one decided to give birth to a child. Some creations are dreamt of and planned, some just happen. Both kinds are blessings.”

In addition to her work at SCU, Quist co-founded the Walden School, a summer school and music festival for young composers. She received her education at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, and in 1984, received a doctorate in music composition from Johns Hopkins University.

Quist’s compositions from recent years include “Revival” for guitarist, Bryce Dessner (2004); “Ice Dance for Clogs” (2003); “Rune” for cello and piano (2000); “Caelestis formam gloriae,” a choral work with string quartet commissioned for Transfiguration Sunday (1999); and “Dyad” for oboe/english horn and piano (1998). Her most performed work to date remains the 1996 solo piano work “Homage."

The concert will also include Mozart’s Mass in C minor “The Great,” in celebration of Mozart’s 250th birthday. This project was supported in part by the Santa Clara University Center of Performing Arts, and a Thomas Terry Teaching Grant awarded by Santa Clara University. Visit the music department’s web site for more information.