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The Faculty-Staff Newsletter, e-mail edition
Santa Clara University, April 2, 2007, Vol. 7, No. 12

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Both groups, composed of 47 educators in all, make presentations to campus residential communities, student leaders, and various student groups. “When people think of rape, they think of a person hiding in the bushes. They don’t realize it can be someone they know,” Feldmar said.

The peer educators at SCU are leaders in their class and have turned a topic that in years past was kept quiet and hidden, into an open conversation for all of campus to hear. “There is, what I call, a cool factor to being involved in this work,” said Lisa Millora, assistant dean in the office of student life. “Everyone wants to believe that he or she would step in if a friend was in danger, but students do not necessarily have the skills and knowledge on how to do so regarding relationship violence.”

Students can also get academic credit for participating as peer educators. The training, which used to be 16 to 20 hours, has become a two-unit class called Violence Against Women and Bystander Responsibility.