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The Faculty-Staff Newsletter, e-mail edition
Santa Clara University, February 15, 2007, Vol. 7, No. 9

State of the University

Rather than chastise the students involved, most of whom Locatelli said he believes were not intending to be offensive, he challenged the University community to examine these events and learn from them. “Personal contact and conversation across the University and the community, as well as within groups, enriches learning and overcomes stereotyping. Through personal conversation and learning together, both in teaching and in scholarship, we overcome misunderstandings.”

Other challenges facing the University, particularly students, are the dangers presented by ever-more anonymous and widespread Internet contact and alcohol abuse. Locatelli urged the community to be cautious and responsible in the use of both.

The president also briefly discussed his appointment to the position of Secretary for Higher Education for the Society of Jesus. Although he said he was initially reluctant to take a position centered in Rome, he is looking forward to contributing to the improvement of Jesuit education around the world: There will be a new Jesuit university opening in Africa later this year, as well as an online institution. “My appointment, in large measure, is due to how well Santa Clara lives its distinctive educational mission,” he said.

Senior Jenny Moody, president of the student body, also addressed the state of the University from the student perspective, citing increased student safety, additional study space, and confronting the pervasive alcohol culture as the ASSCU’s top priorities this year.