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For many Santa Clara University students, part of the financial assistance package includes a loan. The good news is that the education loans provided through our financial aid program offer low interest rates and repayment terms designed with students in mind. In fact, in most cases, you will not have to start repaying your loan until six to nine months after you graduate and/or enroll less than half-time.

There are student loans for both undergraduate students, graduate students and parents that you and your family can take advantage of even if you do not qualify for need-based aid. Before taking out a loan, either from federal loans programs, make sure you understand all the issues surrounding Loan Repayment, Entrance and Exit Counseling and Disbursement of Loans.

In addition, the Financial Aid Office and all staff members subscribe to a specific code of conduct with regard to loan processing for students and parents. All employees are committed to providing fair, accurate, quality products and services to all current and prospective students at Santa Clara University and their families. If you would like more information, Student Loan Code of Conduct.

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