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FACHEX - Outgoing

Established by the Conference of Academic Vice Presidents of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) in 1971, FACHEX is an acronym for Faculty and Staff Children Exchange. It is an undergraduate tuition remission program for children of full-time faculty and staff to apply the same benefit at participating Jesuit colleges and universities if selected by a participating college.

If you are a university employee eligible to participate in Santa Clara University's tuition remission program for dependent undergraduates, and your dependent will be applying to another FACHEX participating college, you may request that Santa Clara University send a notice of eligibility to that college. The eligibility notice can be prepared as early as the winter of your dependent's junior year in high school, or, if already attending college, as soon as you know s/he might transfer. Many times, however, a transfer student is not considered for the benefit. The transfer student policy varies by college.

The FACHEX Certification of Eligibility form is required if you are planning on applying for the FACHEX benefit. Parents need to fill out the form and e-mail it directly to the Santa Clara University Financial Aid Office at or fax the form to 1-408-554-2154. The form may also be dropped off at the Enrollment Services Center.

Your eligibility will be certified on the form and it will be forwarded to the colleges listed on the form.  Your child will then be placed on a wait list by the participating colleges until they decide who will receive the award at their college. Please note that after we certify your eligibility to participate, all further contact concerning FACHEX will be directly between you and the colleges to which your child is applying.

NOTE: The Santa Clara University Financial Aid Office has no involvement in the selection process.

Please be aware that the FACHEX program is highly competitive and there is no guarantee that your child will be selected for a FACHEX award by a participating college.

It is strongly suggested that you contact each college to inquire about their deadlines for submitting the FACHEX Certification of Eligibility form.  The national deadline to apply for FACHEX is December 15.

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