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Established by the Conference of Academic Vice Presidents of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) in 1971, FACHEX is an acronym for Faculty and Staff Children Exchange. It is an undergraduate tuition remission program for children of full-time faculty and staff to apply the same benefit at participating Jesuit colleges and universities.

FACHEX Procedures

If you have not done so already, your parent should request that the FACHEX coordinator at your home institution certify to Santa Clara University your eligibility to participate in the FACHEX program.

Apply for admission to Santa Clara University by the early action published deadline of November 1. A FACHEX certification on your behalf does not qualify you for admission, nor does an offer of admission extended to you mean an automatic FACHEX award. A FACHEX determination will be made after you have been certified as eligible and have been extended an offer of early action admission. Admitted early action candidates will receive priority for any available FACHEX award(s).

Apply for financial aid. Students requesting FACHEX consideration must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE by November 15. We encourage you to use the online option to file these forms. FACHEX Opening are limited. Other forms of financial aid may make it possible for you to attend Santa Clara University in the event that FACHEX benefits cannot be offered to you.

Once we receive your certification letter we will place you on our new student FACHEX waiting list. If we are able to offer you a FACHEX position, we will issue you an official SCU Financial Aid Award. Please note that FACHEX positions are offered only at the entering student level. A continuing student FACHEX wait list is not maintained.

Reserve your place in the entering class. FACHEX openings sometimes occur after the May 1 deposit deadline. If you plan to enroll at Santa Clara University, with or without FACHEX benefits, you must meet the May 1 deposit deadline. Only deposited students will be considered for any FACHEX openings that might become available late, although it is very unlikely that a opening will become available.

FACHEX Conditions

FACHEX benefits are available only to undergraduate students, and they are available only for twelve consecutive quarters of college attendance, where attendance was at Santa Clara University or elsewhere. If a recipient decides to interrupt studies at Santa Clara University, reinstatement under FACHEX will depend upon the number of openings at the time of return. However, it is unlikely that there will be any available openings. Students returning from an approved study abroad year will have FACHEX reinstated upon their return. FACHEX recipients are subject to all appropriate financial aid terms and conditions.

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