Santa Clara University

Financial Training

Financial training is provided by the University Finance Office and is designed to provide a basic understanding of fund accounting and budget management within the University.  Classes will focus on using the PeopleSoft Financial systems as a tool for financial and budget management.

Finance training


Introduction to SCU Financial Reporting - presentation

Course Descriptions

Basic Financials Training: This class is designed to teach basic fund accounting and PeopleSoft navigation including - how to run SCU financial reports, search for voucher payments and status, and other general navigation tips. This class is 90 minutes in length. 

Understanding PeopleSoft Reports: This class is designed to provide basic understanding of the various SCU financial reports, and how to best utilize them to manage budgets and expenditures. This class is 90 minutes in length.

Advanced Reporting: This class is designed for SCU Budget Managers who need to review multiple funds and/or departments. The course will cover using multiple run controls and tree nodes to increase efficiency. Online inquiries will also be covered. Basic Financials training is a prerequisite for this course. This class is 90 minutes in length. 

Budget Planning: This class is offered each year for SCU's budget planning period; (April - June). It will discuss strategies for developing an operating budget for the new fiscal year and use of the PeopleSoft budgeting system to input budgets and run reports. The budget system is available for planning and input starting in the April through mid-June. This class is 90 minutes in length.