Santa Clara University

Risk Management & Insurance

General Information

Santa Clara University carries a complete package of property and casualty insurance policies covering most business type risks associated with an institution of this type. However, the goal of a comprehensive risk management philosophy should emphasize the prevention of loss through the management of risks that occur during the conduct of our business.

The responsibility for risk management of property and casualty losses is in the University Finance Office. Specifically, the Group Risk Manager serves as the site risk manager. Insurance for personnel, such as medical, dental, disability and workers' compensation coverage, is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department.

Training in risk management is available to individuals and departments to educate them about risks associated with university activities and functions. For questions regarding risk management, certificates of insurance or claims, please contact the following:

Sam Florio- Group Risk Manager (408) 554-4603

Marguerete Moses- Administrative Assistant (408) 554-4397
Fax Number (408) 554-5413

Certificates of Insurance

Contracts with third parties occasionally require evidence of insurance coverage. Generally, this is provided with a certificate of insurance issued by our insurance broker outlining the specific coverage and limits of liability called for in the contract. To obtain a certificate of insurance the following information is required:

  • Information about the organization requesting the certificate including organization name, address, phone and fax number, contact name
  • Dates the certificate is to be effective
  • Date certificate is needed (please request at least one week in advance)
  • Does the organization require it to be named additionally insured
  • Types of coverage requested and amount limits, i.e. general liability, automobile liability
  • SCU department involved including name, contact person, phone and fax number
  • Copy of the written contract section specifying insurance coverage

Send all requests with the preceding information to Marguerete Moses or Harry Fong in her absence. Certificates must be requested at least one week prior to the start of the event.

Contractors providing services to the University should also include evidence of insurance from them if a contract so specifies.

Filing a Claim

Should you or your department be involved in an incident or accident that may be insurable, please contact the University Finance Office as soon as possible after the incident occurs. These could be any incidences in the following general categories

  • loss or damage to university owned property and equipment
  • automobile accidents involving university vehicles or personal vehicles on university business
  • general liability accidents to third parties
  • professional liability
  • employment practices

To file a claim, all of the following information is required:

  • date of incident
  • parties involved and contact information
  • police or campus safety report if appropriate
  • detailed write up of the incident if not included with police report
  • SCU personnel involved including department and contact information
  • pictures of any damage if appropriate
  • estimate of damage for property and automobile accident claims

The risk manager and the insurance company settle all claims. Departments filing a claim are responsible for a small portion of the deductible payment.

Automobile Policy and Registration

The University owns numerous vehicles that are assigned to specific departments for their business use. The policy governing the operation of vehicles used for university business is found in the Human Resources Staff Policy Manual at:

The University Finance Office handles all vehicle registration activity including renewals, new vehicle registration, old vehicle disposal and vehicle titles. If a vehicle is acquired through purchase, lease, gift or loan, please contact the University Finance Office immediately. This assures that the vehicle is listed on our insurance policies.