Santa Clara University

User Manual Change Log

01/10/05Quick Voucher chapterChap 8** Complete - Major Addition
10/24/03Download Budget Inquiry to Excel; Update page numbersChap 9Complete
07/30/03New Format (Adobe Acrobat); Two new Chapters; Financial Reports chapter rewrittenAll** Complete - Major Addition
01/28/03Report Description - 4 new reports completed. Descriptions updated9-18Complete
01/28/03Improved "Troubleshooting Reports"6-27Complete
10/22/02Add "Speedtype Cross Reference" NavigationAppendix 5Complete
10/15/02Change URL - IMPORTANT CHANGE!5-17Complete
08/06/02Removed "5803 - SCU Internal Revenue"; Added "6534 - Archival Materials" to account code listAppendix 1Complete
07/10/02Searching for Vendor ID numbersChap 7** Complete - Major Addition
06/27/02Report Status must be "Success" before clicking "Details"6-24Added
06/26/02"Note: Run Controls cannot contain spaces"6-22Added
06/19/02Updated URL5-17Changed
06/17/02Appendix 5: Budget Legacy replaces Budget Summary for FY 20028-18 to
06/17/02Appendix 5: Budget Summary available July 1, 20038-18 to
06/14/02Limiting Voucher Inquiries by date6-29Added
06/14/02Add "Using the Process Monitor" to View and Print Reports section6-24 to
** Major Change
06/11/02Added server, file type, and format to General Instructions for running reports6-21Added
06/10/02Changed server information for running reports6-23Changed
06/10/02Added URL to signon information5-17Added
06/06/02Sample Project Grant Accounting Distribution2-6Added
06/06/02Levels of spending2-6Added
06/06/02Sample Budget Level accounting distribution strings4-13Added
06/06/02Corrected footer web addressAllChanged
06/06/02Changed order of step 8 & 97-32Changed
06/05/02Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation Instructions5-17Added
06/05/02Troubleshooting Reports from Report Manager and from Process Monitor6-24