Santa Clara University



The financial administration systems at Santa Clara University exist to maintain the financial records of the University. These records are initiated through a variety of source documents and mechanisms to facilitate the ultimate reporting of financial data used to manage the operations and produce reports required internally or externally. The security of these data is a high priority to minimize the risk so that it cannot be initiated or used for a purpose that may jeopardize the assets of the University. Further, the Information Technology Policies and Guidelines states:

"Unauthorized access to resources or data is not permitted. The ability to access a resource or item of data does not explicitly or implicitly imply authorization. Account security is provided via a password mechanism. Providing one's account password to another user or any other attempts to compromise the security of the network or its connected systems are prohibited and could result in removal as an authorized user."


All financial system users, are required to fill out and sign the PeopleSoft Financials Account Request Form, which allows the responsible manager of a budgeted organizational unit to authorize the applicant to access the system for the capabilities as indicated. Under no circumstances shall an authorized user provide his/her personal password or other access codes to other faculty, staff, students or any other person.

For budget managers who utilize student workers to access the system, each student worker will be issued a generic User ID and should also complete the form. Student User ID's can be recycled by changing passwords as students cycle in and out of an office.


Unit managers at any level may authorize a reponsible person in their organization to access financial data and certain input functions by having them complete the User Responsibility form. The University FInance Office will have final approval to authorize a user and reserves the right to rescind the rights and privileges of accessibility for any violation of established practices and policies or compromise of data.


Contact the University Controller or the Associate Vice President for Finance if you have any questions.