Santa Clara University

Which Form Do I Use?

Determining the correct form for internal transfers can be a difficult task. Please use the table below as a guideline, for additional information, please contact us





Budget reallocation within a fund

Budget allocation or donation for special event/program within the same fund

Moves recorded expenditures to another account, dept. ID or fund

Corrects expenditure incorrectly posted

Allows two departments to share expenses

Moves cash (in contrast to an expense) from one fund to another

Donation for special event/program using a different fund



Must have sufficient cash to cover increase. Verify funds available, less existing budget before entering budget increases

Must not transfer costs from existing expenses

Must have a business need for the transfer

Transfers between Prime Accounts (that do not affect the discretionary balance) will not be processed. Departments may make adjustments between Prime Accounts at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Transaction must be in year-to-date reports. An existing transaction must be identified to comply with the Expense/Revenue Transfer Request. Requested expense/revenue credit should not exceed the total of existing debits/credits.

Must transfer between two different funds and not represent expenses or revenue incurred.

Must not debit CUF. The Budget Director (Dennis Roberts) must approve all Cash transfers out of the Current Unrestricted Fund (11001). No Exceptions!

Must not debit a Gift, Endowed, or other restricted fund. Cash transfers must be in accordance with the fund restrictions. Restriced monies cannot be moved to unrestricted funds

Who do I send the transfer to?

Please send all transfer forms to your accountant