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Macro Budget

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University Budget Development 
Planning and development of proposed Macro Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/2016. University Budget Council (UBC) September 2015 through January 2016
University Budget Review and Approval
University Finance Committee review of proposed Macro budget. Finance Committee December 2015
University Board of Trustees review and approval of Operating Budget. Board of Trustees February 2016

University Budget Forum

Please use the links below to access prior year Budget Forum presentations.  The FY16 Budget Forum was held on Friday, February 20, 2015.

Micro Budget

Departmental Budget Setup and Input
Budget Guidelines and Planning Guide for Fiscal Year 2015/16 distributed to Budget Managers

FY2016 Micro Budget Detailed Schedule

Allocation for Department Operating and Student Wages to Vice Presidents, Deans, Provost Budget Office
April 2016
Budget consolidated into BudgetPak & PeopleSoft Budget Office May 2016
Budget information available in Finance System for new fiscal year
Budget Office
June 30, 2016

About us

Our Mission

To promote a strong culture of fiscal stewardship in support of the Santa Clara University's mission, vision, and strategic priorities.

Our Vision

The University Budget Office will guide and support planning and budgeting in all academic and operational areas of the University.

Our Purpose

The University Budget Office develops, implements, and maintains a comprehensive and integrated budgeting process. The annual budget planning process is led by the University Budget Council with the support of the President and senior management. The budget planning process culminates in the development of operating and capital budget plans that serve as the basis for establishing annual departmental operating budgets.

Working closely with all levels at the University, the University Budget Office also assists in the management of University financial resources. As part of the University Finance Office management team, the UBO provides the information required to support financial management and planning activities.


Robin Reynolds

University Budget Director
Phone: (408)-554-5406

The University Budget Director is responsible for strategic and managerial functions of the University Budget Office. As the institution's primary budget officer, the director leads associated personnel in all activities relating to the annual budget cycle.

Lucy Sardinha Haro

Assistant Budget Director
Phone: (408)-554-5410

The Assistant Budget Director is responsible for financial reporting, modeling, and analysis to assist in executive decision-making and institutional planning.

Christine Gustafson

Senior Budget Analyst
Phone: (408)-554-5097

The Senior Budget Analyst is responsible for financial reporting, modeling, and analysis to assist in executive decision-making and institutional planning.

Location and Hours of Operation

475 El Camino Real, 1st Floor, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm