Santa Clara University

Copier Program

The goal of SCU's Copier Program is to provide consistently efficient and cost effective digital copying equipment and business solutions throughout campus, including superior service, maintenance, technical and administrative support to our customers.

Copier Billing and Pricing

The costs for SCU convenience copiers are billed in two parts:

1. Copier Lease cost (fixed monthly amount based on Model)

2. Copier usage cost (variable amount per month based on copy/print volume)   

  • Black & white copy and print output cost $0.012/ per page
  • Color copy and print output are $0.08/ per page
  • No charge for scanning documents

Copier Service and Supplies

  • For service issues requiring a Rabbit technician; contact Bertha Gonzalez at 554-4037,
  • To order copier/ printer toner or other supplies; contact Bertha Gonzales at 554-4037,
  • To order copier/ printer paper; place an order with Central Stores

Copier Reporting

SCU has installed software on all copiers/ printers across campus to provide reporting by Department ID and Printer number.

Instructions to run Copier/Printer usage reports in the Finance system:

The copier/printer usage reports provide:

  • Detail of usage charges by SCU Department ID or up to three Printer ID's
  • Summary report shows charges by person 
  • Detail report shows specific copy/print job information

Updated procedures for Copying, Printing and Scanning with Print Director installed on the copier/ printer
Walk-up copying
Desktop printing
Walk-up scanning

Form to authorize additional people the ability to print to a specific SCU machine
Printing authorization form