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01/11/04UFO website update

- Updated User Agreement Form
- User Manual Update - Quick Voucher Chapter

07/22/04PS Financial Report Improvements- Select a single Budget Account
- Radio Buttons for account selection
06/29/04Security of Financial Data (Harry Fong)- Financials Security Policy
- User Agreement Form
06/18/04PeopleSoft Financials - New Reports- Voucher Print
- CSV formatted reports
05/18/04Security Update- Update to all user security access
05/05/04PeopleSoft Financials

- More Upgrade Information
- New Feedback Form
- Deleting Run Controls

04/21/04PeopleSoft Financials UpgradeUpgrade to Financials 8.8
- Important Deadlines
- Training Session
- User Manual Updates
08/28/03PeopeSoft User Manual & Training Classes

User Manual Update
- Format changed to Adobe Acrobat
- Two new chapters
- Financial Reports chapter re-written

Fall training Schedule available on-line

03/28/03UFO Survey Results (Sarah Gatenby)UFO Survey Results
- Website
- Who to Call
- Office Reponsiveness
- Forms
- Reports
- Training
- Other


January 11, 2005 - UFO Website Update

Good afternoon all,

Please note:

1. A new PeopleSoft User Agreement Form has been posted on the Finance Website. It can be found at ... We have added provision for Budgeting access needs. If you have already submitted a user agreement form, you are not required to re-submit a new one.

2. The PeopleSoft Financials User Manual has been updated to include a Quick Voucher chapter. To view the new manual, click on the following link: ... For further questions regarding Quick Vouchers, please call Khanh Chau on x. 5497

3. We are currently experiencing difficulties with the 'Accounting Distribution Strings' page on the website. It is being investigated at present and I will send out an update when the problem has been rectified.

Regards, Peta Jones
University Finance Office

July 22, 2004 - PS Financial Report Improvements


Improved PeopleSoft Financial Reports!

The PeopleSoft Financials team is pleased to announce several improvements made to financial reports. Effective Thursday July 23, 2004 you will notice the following changes to Financial Management reports.

1. The Transaction Detail report can now be run for a single Budget Account (ie - BSTRVL, SWAGE).

2. The account selection drop-down menu has been modified to simplify options.

3. The layout of the request screen has been modified slightly to accommodate the changes above.

** Please see the attached document for more details. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you.........Kelley

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July 29, 2004 - Security of Financial Data


The security of data existing within the financial administration
systems is an important component to protect the assets of the
University. To help secure the data, the University Finance Office and
the University adminstration has instituted a Financial Security Policy
and created a Financial User Agreement Form. The policy and form are
located on-line at

All PeopleSoft Financials users, both new and existing, will be
required to fill out and sign the Financial User Agreement
. In order to maintain, uninterrupted access to the Financials
System, please return forms Ruben Sumoba in the University Finance
Office no later than Friday, July 30, 2004.

Additionally, each student worker will now be issued a generic User ID
and should also complete the Finanical User Agreement Form. Student User ID's can be recycled by changing passwords as students cycle in and out of your office. You
will be notified of your new student User IDs and Passwords as soon as
they are available.

Please contact Ruben Sumoba at ext. 1881 for assistance with the form.

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June 18, 2004 - PeopleSoft Financials - New Reports


Just in time for the Fiscal Year-end, we are pleased to announce two new PeopleSoft Financials reporting capabilities. Voucher Print and CSV formatted Reports (MS Excel).

1. For Quick Voucher users, we are pleased to announce the new Voucher Print. Voucher Print allows you to print Quick vouchers individually or in a daily batch, and will notify you if your quick voucher is out of balance.

Navigation: Accounts Payable > Reports > Voucher Print

You may want to add a new Run Control when using Voucher Print for the first time. Instructions for adding a Run Control are on page 8-3 of the User Manual.

Attached is a screen-shot of the request page along with a few instructions on using the new Voucher Print report. Please review the instructions. If you have any questions, you may contact Khanh Chau in Accounts Payable (ext. 5497)

2. Reports in CSV format allow you to use MS Excel to view the reports. Currently, the following reports are available in CSV format:

Balance Sheet
Budget Summary
Manager's Report
Project Summary
Transaction Detail

The user manual has been updated to reflect the new CSV option. Instructions are on page 8-5 and are also attached to this email. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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May 18, 2004 - PeopleSoft Financials Security Update


Subject: Security Update

In an on-going effort to improve the PeopleSoft Financial system, we will be updating security access for all users on Monday, May 24th.

Although the update should be invisible to you, please notify us if you notice pages you are not authorized to view or links that are missing from your menu.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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May 5, 2004 - PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade 8.8


As part of an initiative to improve the user experience for PeopleSoft Financials, we would like to bring your attention to two items.

1. A customer feedback form has been developed. The form will be available to you on-line and allows you to provide feedback to us, both positive and negative, so that we might continue to improve the financials system to fit your needs

2. We have received many requests to clean up old Run Control values. Although we cannot clean-up all old Run Controls, we can delete the values used for SCU Financial Reports. The clean-up is scheduled for this weekend. If you have any Run Controls, used for SCU Financial reports which you would like to save, please take screen shots of the request page so you can re-create them on Monday.

For assistance cretaing new Run Control IDs, please refer to the PeopleSoft Financials User Manual: Page 8-3 "Selecting a Run Control"

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you..............Kelley

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April 21, 2004- PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade 8.8


We are pleased to announce the upgrade of PeopleSoft Financials to version 8.8 scheduled for go-live on May 3rd, 2004. Although most of your processes will remain unchanged there will be a new look and feel to the system.

The following are important reminders regarding the upgrade:

1. Friday, April 23 is the last day to process Quick Vouchers and Payment Requests. All Quick Vouchers/Payment Requests must be dropped off at the Bursar's Office or UFO by 5:00 PM on the 23rd. Please hold all other requests until after the upgrade is complete.

2. The last check run prior to the upgrade will be at NOON on Thursday April 29.

3. The SCU Financial Implementation Team will be hosting a demonstration to showcase changes to financial report navigation, budget & voucher inquiry, quick voucher processing, and vendor look-up. Place: Williman room
Date: May 4, 2004
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30
4. We are currently in the process of updating the PeopleSoft user manual to reflect changes in navigation and screen shots. The new manual will be posted to the Finance office website on Monday May 3, 2004. An email communication will be sent out to announce its release.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Thank you...........Kelley

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August 28, 2003 - PeopleSoft User Manual & Training Classes

A few important updates for PeopleSoft Financials users.....

1. The PeopleSoft Financials User Manual has been updated.
2. New training classes have been posted on the web.

User Manual:
- Significant changes have been made to the PeopleSoft Financials User Manual (available at: The format has been changed to Adobe Acrobat making it easier to print individual pages/chapters. The Finanical Reports chapter has been re-written for simplification. Two new chapters have been added: Budget Inquiry (replaces Analyze Controlled Budgets from PS 7.5) is new functionality that can be used for a quick glance at budget status. The Chartfield Verification chapter provides instructions on viewing lists of chartfields (Fund, Activity, Class, etc...) and checking for Active or Inactive status. Training on the two new chapters will be provided in the Fall Training Classes (both Basic Financials and Advanced Reporting).

Fall Training Classes:
- The fall training schedule includes Basic Financials Training, Understanding PeopleSoft Reports, and Advanced Reporting. Classes are designed for new budget managers as well as veteran staff members who would like to refresh their skills. For a description of classes and available times, please visit our website at:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you...............Kelley

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March 28, 2003 - UFO Survey Results

Those of us in the University Finance Office would like to thank all of you who took the time to respond to our "How Are We Doing" survey. The input you provided was invaluable in helping us evaluate our service and tools we provide to assist you in performing your responsibilities. Following is a summary of the results of the survey and work we are going to be doing over the next few months to improve our service and resources available to you.

The Web Site:

The most valuable information provided on the site was Forms. They were followed by the PeopleSoft Manual, Available Chartfield values, Updates and General Information.

What you would like to see added to the Web site was first of all the PeopleSoft URL. You would also like a Bulletin Board/Newsletter, archive of emails, a way to link the Organizational Chart to the "Who to Call/responsibilities" page. Other suggestions included a consolidated Controller's Office Policy and Procedures Manual, Purchasing Card allowable charges, Endowment Terms and Conditions, a Vendor or at least an ACH Vendor Listing, and forms requirements to pay Independent Contractors. We will be working to update the Web page to incorporate these suggestions.

It was mentioned that you would like email notification when the Web Site is updated and we will do so from now on.

Who to Call

For the most part, you indicated that you were clear about "Who to Call". We will be adding the link from the Organizational Chart to a listing of responsibilities to make locating the correct person and their phone number easier to find. We will also prepare a listing for the Staff Faire and have the list available at the Cashier Desk.

Office Responsiveness

Most of you felt a return call between the same day (unless late in the day) or next day was acceptable and that for the most part we usually meet or exceed your expectation. A few requests were made to contact departments when problems arose with Payment Requests or Expense Transfers rather than returning them. We could also improve providing Interim Feedback when research takes longer than expected. Most felt that transactions were processed in a reasonable amount of time with consistent accuracy. Two exceptions were identified related to Activity and Class value errors and Tax issues and we will be working to improve in these areas.


Most of you like having the forms on the Web. The number one concern was related to the missing form number and the need for departments to develop their own numbering system. "Bring back autonumbering!". With the on-line payment request, you will again receive an auto-generated number" For the forms on the Web, you will need to continue to create your own numbers. These will be used for Cash Reimbursements and Advances.


There were no negative responses for the Transaction Detail or Balance Sheet Reports. Simple Budget Summary reports received positive comments. The more complex Budget Summary report appears to give more difficulty both in running the report and reading the report.

Few were aware of the new Management Report or the Fund/Department Income Statement Report. If you do not know about these reports, please give us a call for information.

Suggestions for improved information on the reports included more consistent descriptions on Vouchers, Internal Charges and Expense Transfers; DPO Reference number; AP Dates; Vendor Name; sorting report by Alpha Prime Account value rather than the Account Number Grouping; timely chargebacks; differentiation of Web deposits from over the counter deposits; larger/bold DeptId/Fund#. Over the next few months we will be reviewing all of our reports and report delivery and will keep you informed of changes. In the near term, we will be review our descriptions and ensuring those entered are clearer for those entered in AP and Cashiering.


Fairly consistently through out the responses were identified training needs. These included
*Using our web site
*Reports-how to run, which to run, how to read
*Forms-which is correct, how to fill out, what else do I need
*Basic Accounting knowledge/understanding chartfields
*Controller's Office Policies-petty cash, advances, travel, etc.
*Budgeting-how to monitor, how to reconcile

We are in the process of developing some additional training that we hope will fill these needs.

Other Comments

Clean up Speedtypes and delete/inactivate old ones
Some delay in notification after checks printed
Improve the organization of Pick-up checks
Ensure the Cashier Desk is consistently covered
Problems with back up/reconciliation with sub-system chargebacks and interfaces.
Improve Signature Authorization Process/Update list

We understand these are important to you and we will be working on improving our processes to address these issues.

New Initiatives

On-line payment requests-For the most part, responses were extremely positive. Concerns about the approval process, Timeout, Difficulty in use were expressed. We will be providing training.

Direct Deposits for Reimbursements-Responses to this were more varied but some concerns expressed will be addressed.

--Payments will be processed through AP, not Payroll and will be on an AP Check Cycle basis, not Payroll Cycle; there is no risk of reimbursements being reported as compensation.
--Cash reimbursements will still be available up to $250
--You will have the option of choosing the bank account to which the payment will be made
--Notification will be sent via email at the time the payment is processed
--A Business Expense Report and original receipts or invoices will still be required for payment.

I apologize for the length of the email but we wanted to ensure all of your concerns were addressed. Space does not allow for detailed solutions to all of the issues mentioned but please be assured that all of them are important to us and over the coming months we will be devising solutions to improve our service to you. Please do not hesitate to call or email should you wish to discuss any part of this email or provide additional feedback you may have forgotten.

Thank you,

Sarah Gatenby                      Dennis Roberts
x4642                                    x5406      

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