Santa Clara University



  • campus_mapMaps & Directions

     One of Santa Clara University’s best resources is its location. Physically located in Santa Clara, Calif., the campus is 10 minutes away from downtown San Jose, 40 minutes from the Santa Cruz beaches, and 45 minutes away from both Oakland and San Francisco. To help you get around, there is a Cal Train and VTA transit station across from the main campus entrance. 

  • img78_mapcopyHotels & Lodging

     Out-of-town guests with accommodation needs can browse through a list of hotels near the University.

  • img13_palmLocal Attractions

     From Napa to Carmel, there are plenty of day or weekend trips from Santa Clara University. There are also a host of entertainment options available within a five-mile radius. From shopping to sports to cultural life -- there's something for everyone.

  • img15_SealPres_3Online Video

    Here is a video tour of the University by Santa Clara students – see highlights of the campus featuring the deSaisset Museum, Buckshaw stadium, residence halls, and, of course, the beautiful, historic Mission.

  • img52_walkwayTour Campus

     Join us for a one-hour walking tour of the 106-acre campus, complete with interesting facts, figures, and historical tidbits about the University. Our student ambassadors, who are current students, are eager to answer any questions you may have about Santa Clara University and the surrounding area.